Respondo WordPress Suite | Framework Theme & Shortcode Plugin

Respondo WordPress Suite

A continuously updated and refined suite of WordPress tools allowing site owners an easy process for web design, functionality and management.

RespondoPro Theme & Shortcode Design Plugin

This theme and plugin gives anyone the ability to create a custom web design experience. Enjoy a WordPress site that comes with lifetime, functionality upgrades and compatibility updates.

RespondoPro Theme

Benefits of the RespondoPro Theme

The perfect starting point for every website project.

  • RespondoPro is a Framework (which means it’s a theme builder).
  • Build any style child theme without affecting future updates.
  • Naturally built with all device screen sizes in mind.
  • Robust options panel (manage site layouts & design).
  • Never start over on a build again (adapt layout & designs with ease).
  • Guaranteed compatibility with viable plugins.
  • Feature updates & compatibility upgrades for life.

Quite simply the best option for WordPress.

Respondo Shortcode Plugin

The Most Powerful Page Builder

Shortcode Plugin: Find inspiration anywhere and create your design with Respondo Shortcodes (no coding experience necessary).

  • Hundreds of column layout variations.
  • Show or hide content + vertical spacing control.
  • Full-width and parallax variations and options.
  • Add dynamic content like blog posts in a masonry format.
  • Add transitions on the page (as the visitor scrolls content appears).
  • Buttons, images, icons, progress bars and much more.
  • Advanced image control.
  • Select from over 50 specific design options (opening up millions of variations).
  • Create the design of nearly any layout imaginable.