Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

We have years of experience helping business’ rank better by creating the right on-page search engine optimization for WordPress websites.

Fully Charged, All in One SEO

Spark Logix Studios provides SEO for WordPress, a hands off approach that gets it right the first time. Getting ranked in the search engines is profitable but extremely difficult. We remove the complexity and difficulty.

Premium SEO Pack

Here’s what you get with our SEO service.

Keyword Analysis

Take existing content and produce a better keyword strategy on each page requested. Better keyword usage will help with improving your overall Google rankings.

Semantic Keywords

We take page content and grow the value by using semantic keywords throughout. We review using a powerful LSI keyword engine and adapt the page’s content.

Accurate Optimization

We ensure a page’s content is not an over-optimization attempt to game the system. Unknowingly, your website could be over optimized which in turn will drop the page’s rank.

Schema Data

Structured data is an encouraged page optimization that improves page rank. An accurately structured page will also display more in search results (give you more real estate).

Local SEO

We ensure that local products and services are listed correctly and are included in the source code (as being local) of each appropriate page requested. Advantage over the competition.

Facebook Open Graph

With all pages requested we take the exact content you want shared, standardize it and ensure it’s displaying as intended. When your page is shared on FB, the display will be just right.

Twitter Card

Same as the open graph, tell us which pages need to be updated (for sharing on Twitter) and we take it from there. When your page is shared on Twitter it’ll be the way we want it.

XML Management

List all of the web pages on your site correctly by telling Google via an XML sitemap. This allows search engine web crawlers like Googlebot the ability to read and crawl your site the way you need them to.

Smart Linking

Links are important. We help to grow the importance of your content by creating a link network on your website of important keywords. This helps improve the value of certain pages on your website.

Broken Link Repair

Allow us to find each broken link and fix it. Broken links can hurt the User’s experience and also confuse Google (which isn’t a good thing for your website). No more bad links.

Link Policy

We create rules that do not allow “link juice” to pass from your website to other sites (when you link to other websites). This will help you keep your authority and rankings high.

Title Tags

We rewrite title tags with the use of keyword tools and experience. Getting the title tag optimized will help the page rank higher and also boost click through rates.

Meta Descriptions

A proper meta description goes a long way in boosting the click-ability of the results seen when a Google search is performed. We re-write and optimize the description.

Header Titles

The titles on the page must coordinate with the page’s purpose, get this right and you’re on your way to better rankings. We use semantic knowledge to better optimize the page’s message.

Content Creation 

We work in conjunction with you to ensure new (and valuable) content is updated on a regular basis. Without this you can expect lower rankings. We write or we refine what you write.

301 Redirects

This is essential when updating old content or updating a full website. It’s often overlooked but it must happen to ensure your previous ranking isn’t interrupted.

A quality plan must have a good follow through.

Search Engine Optimization for WordPress

Correct Call to Action

Is WordPress good for SEO? Not only is it a good option for ranking an entire website higher, WP also give you a large grouping of options for conversion assistance tools.

We establish the right CTA (call to action) on the website to ensure higher site conversions. Let us establish what works right for your brand messaging. Here are a few options: Detect Exit Intent, Offer Discounts, Promote Videos, Grow Social Audience, Personalized Offers, Redirect Traffic, Build Email Lists.

Local SEO

If you’re a local business there are a few things we can do to lock in the best practices to ranking higher in local search. The onsite strategy is where we can start.

Moving on from there we’ll want to focus on your Google My Business page and then citation building. It’s a fairly straightforward process that if done correctly will have positive, lasting results.

Proven Effectiveness

We take our years of experience and combine it with the the best WordPress seo plugin, keyword research and ranking management tools and site infrastructure knowledge to provide you with the best on-page SEO plan available. We know how to correctly and effectively manage search engine optimization for WordPress.