Search Plus Your World by Google
Search Plus Your World by Google

Google’s long stated goal has been to provide people with the best possible search engine results.  They’ve developed one of the most complex search algorithms in the world, something that is a mystery, and something that companies such as Spark Logix Studios spends hours and hours pouring over, testing, and trying to figure out, in order to be the best search engine optimization company out there.  As Google continues to evolve, their goal for better search results has begun to change the way search engines function.  One of the biggest changes in recent years was the incorporation of Social Search, where they included social media aspects into search engine results.  So, for example, if you have a friend who blogs about their favorite restaurants in Minneapolis, a normal search engine result would include all of the popular and most visited websites, and wouldn’t include your friend’s relatively unknown blog, but with Social Search, your friend’s blog would be a higher search result for you as an individual user.

Google has now taken it’s next step towards the future of search engine tactics, by introducing Google Search Plus your World.  Instead of being used simply to find a needle in a haystack, something Google does amazingly well when you are searching for a specific business, image, or video, they are aiming to make Google a more comprehensive tool, one that people can use to find more relevant public content from your circle of friends, family, and acquaintances.  People who share your interest and world view will now be able to help you find new content, new web pages, and more relevant to your business, new customers.  They’ve done this by introducing three new features:

1 – Personal Results – Within your Google search results, you will now find information solely available to you.  Things like photos and posts from Google+, things that your friends have shared with you that might be pertinent to your search, and interests and webpages your Google+ friends have shown an interest in.  As we all know, often times the experiences, thoughts, and ideas of your friends and family are more important to you than an impersonal web page.  With Your World, you will see a marriage of these two worlds, getting both recommendations and ideas from your friends, as well as more general content from the world wide web.

2 – People and Pages – When you search for a topic in Google, you will find people, profiles and pages from Google+ related to your specific area or topic of interest, and enable you to follow them or subscribe to their web pages with just a few clicks.  Because, as Google put it “behind most every query is a community”.  Now, if you are interested in searching for your favorite band, included in your search results are any Google+ profiles of prominent fans, or people who are discussing your band, and you can quickly connect with them on Google+, have meaningful conversations, and discover entire new communities of like minded people in a way that was simply impossible up until now.

3 – Profiles in Search – Both as a part of the autocomplete and search results, you will find profiles of people you are close to, or who you might be interested in following or friending on Google+.  Everyday on the internet, there are millions of searches for people, and often it can be extremely challenging to find the specific person you’re looking for.  And once you do find the person you’ve been searching for, there is often no way to interact with that person, you simply find a photo, or reference to them on some website that hasn’t been updated for five years.  But with Your World, that will all change.  Now you will be able to find, and interact with the people you’re searching for, right from within the search results.

In addition to all these new features, Google is also revamping their security measures, introducing a new level of security, transparency, and control for the user.  Since some of the search results you’ll now find in Google are private photographs and posts, they will now be secured by SSL encryption by default.  This means, that your search engine results, and all of the private content associated with your search results, are encrypted by the same high standards as your gmail account.   They are also giving you more control over how to use the new features.  When a result returns a Google+ result, it will provide you information on who posted it, whether the content is publicly available, or only something you are able to see, which circle in Google+ the result is associated with, or the suggested connection to you.

Google has also introduced a new toggle switch when you are logged in to your google account, allowing you to, with a single click, you can see the normal, or unpersonalized search engine results.  This means that no result from your friends, no private information and no personalized search engine results will appear in your web history.  This grants pretty unprecedented and transparent control over your personalized search engine results.

As you can probably imagine, this will have large implications for the world of Search Engine Optimization.  Now, the grass roots community building which used to be done by small businesses in the real world, through sponsoring athletic teams or buying ads in local newspapers, is about to go digital.  What exactly those implications are remain to be seen, but rest assured that Spark Logix Studios will continue to follow, understand, and integrate these new technologies and techniques as they are introduced.


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