A Guide To Researching SEO Keywords
SEO Research for a Better Business

Like a private detective out of a Dashiell Hammett novel, researching SEO Keywords is one of the most rewarding activities you can undertake in your SEO strategy.  By studying your competitors, and doing the detective work, you can discover which terms and phrases are pertinent to your market and client base, and discover which SEO keywords you should focus on, and even more importantly, find which SEO keywords your competitors aren’t currently exploiting, and use that to your advantage.  This kind of research should be the launching point of any well thought out SEO strategy.  But how does one go about doing this sort of research?

A great skill you will need to develop, is deciding the value of specific SEO keywords.  Every time a search is placed on the internet, it is recorded somewhere, and there are plenty of great tools you can use to find out what those keywords are.  Sites such as the Google Adwords Keyword Estimator, Google Insights for Search, Microsoft AdCenter Keyword Forecasting and Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand can give you plenty of information.  However, this alone w0n’t let you know which SEO keywords are the most valuable.  For that, a smart web designer needs to do a little more detective work, using the following easy and logical steps.

First, ask yourself if this keyword is relevant to your website, your business, and the services you offer.  Does this keyword make sense for your business to focus on?  And will the traffic directed to your website generate revenue and new business for you or your client?

Second, search for the keyword or phrase in all of the major search engines.  Were there a large number of results, and were there many paid advertising results along with the organic results?  This means that it is a high value SEO keyword, and can be highly lucrative for your company.

Third, try purchasing a sample campaign for the chosen SEO keywords using Google AdWords or the Bing Adcenter, and direct it to the most relevant page on your website.  Then, track the traffic to your website, and the amount of revenue it generates over several hundred clicks.  This could take a few days, or weeks, depending on how high demand the keywords are.

Lastly, using the data from the previous step, make an educated estimate of the value generated by a single visitor from that SEO Keyword.  As an example, if over the previous 24 hours your SEO keyword generated 10,000 views, of which 500 visited your website, and 5 of them made purchases averaging $500 in profit, then you can calculate that each click through generated is worth $1.  According to click through rating estimates, you could likely have a click through rate between 30-40% with a #1 ranking on that particular SEO Keyword.  This translates to 3,000-4,000 visits per day, at $1 each, could mean an additional $1,460,000 a year.

Is it any wonder that companies love search engine marketing?

As you can see, with a little effort, and some simple strategies, you can research which SEO Keywords are the smartest for your business to focus on, and generate massive revenues for your company.

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  1. Carissa

    I have a very computer savvy friend who analyzes traffic for a website. He broke it down for us laymen and then to get more traffic to the site just by the key words we used.

  2. Aprilsong

    thanks for your tips. in fact, to make more profits from one’s website really needs some strategy and skills.

  3. Szeto Ching

    I like this article. Today the keywords are quite important for the people to look for something via the net. Suitable keywords will bring more traffic to your webste. I shall learn from it.

  4. Jane Sanchez

    That is a great advice. Don’t forget that using same keywords repeatedly is a NO NO. There are accounts deleted because of this. Google Adsense is very strict when it comes to keywords and their proper use.

  5. Batencila Annabelle

    You always have a nice tips for us who wanted to succeed in using the website whatever purpose it may serve us. We must learn using it for our own good. great strategy and skills is a must. Thanks.

  6. Thomas Cruz

    This is greatly helpful to any individual who comes across this article. Keywords are definitely the key to the success of a site. It is therefore a great opportunity for anyone in this undertaking to learn from this healthy article.

  7. Alf A

    Thank you for sharing this information with us. This is a great help for people who are in blogging and online marketing. I will surely follow your tips since I am newbie in blogging. This is what I am looking for. A very comprehensive information about keywords. Keep it up!

  8. srinath

    May be this is what i need to do more to start earning more. I always wondered why my articles got so few hits. Your tip to buy a sample campaign is an exciting one. will let you know the results of incorporating these changes soon.

  9. 285abhi

    I admire the details you have given here and the time you have put in to write this. Even i write blogs and articles on various sites and i have noticed the importance of keywords which greatly determine the traffic of viewers. It’s really a well written and informative article and really explains the importance of keywords in earning money through traffic of viewers. Hats off to the research you have done.

  10. Princelie Fereira

    Every company is thriving to have a website today, Its like a reputations which company is building in future. SEO are very important to rank a website, keywords play an important role the more relevant keywords the better is the ranking of a website. Very useful article and a must to read all website designers and bloggers

  11. Darshiprakash

    You provide the relevant ways for a good SEO keyword. We must have a good SEO knowledge to get more visitors to our blog/site. Key word is essential to get visitors and you provide the necessary and detailed information about using the best key words. Well done

  12. mike Dizon

    This article is very helpful specially to those who are new in SEO keywords. I have been wondering how to increase traffic to my site through seo and I found the answer in this site. Thank you so much and I am looking forward to more posts from you.

  13. katipunero

    This is great article. It helps a lot. Maybe trying your tip will help me too boost up the view and earn as much as i can. Actually i am having a problem and want to up my views don’t know what to do. this is may be a right way to do it.

  14. Manroks23

    This skills is very essential to grow and shine in the advertising business,if ever we want our business to grow stronger then these strategy is vital,and correct keywords is also a main factor and this tips will prove to be the most effective ways…..

  15. Lakshmisasi

    I was searching for SEO keywords and found this useful articles. It provides enough information about SEO for keywords related information for me. This information provides me an insight about my advertisement campaign soon I am going to start.


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