The 5 Biggest SEO Mistakes Still Being Made - Don't Make SEO Mistakes
SEO Mistakes

As the world of Search Engine Optimization continues to grow and expand, there are still a number of common SEO mistakes, being made by professional SEO Companies.  These SEO mistakes are simple enough to avoid, when you know what to look for.  So below, we’re presenting you with the 5 biggest, and most common SEO mistakes we’ve observed across the internet.

Poor Meta-Descriptions

There are, unfortunately, many extremely limiting content management systems, which can greatly hurt your ability to have a successful SEO strategy.  Some of them won’t allow you to edit meta-descriptions, or title tags, which can cause a massive headache for any SEO tactician.   Too often people think of SEO as simply  a means of ranking higher, but forget about click through rates and conversion.  So make sure your meta-descriptions are nice and tidy, and your tags are used to maximum advantage.

Far too Much Image Based Content

Many web designers love to create websites based on images or flash content, which is a nightmare for your SEO strategy.  This SEO mistake seems pretty self evident, but often, SEO management isn’t at the fore front of a web designers mind, particularly if the web designer isn’t a professional, but rather a self taught amateur who is dabbling in the complex world of coding.  If your content is mostly in images or flash, then you are definitely not taking full advantage of your website’s SEO capabilities.  With a little bit of clever coding, you can have a website that looks identical to your image based/flash based website, but with the added advantage of strong SEO capabilities.

Clunky and Long URLs

A large number of content management systems don’t allow control over your URL structure.  This can lead to obnoxiously clunky and long URLs, filled with randomly generated numbers and letters.  This is particularly common amongst retail websites.  Always make sure that you can change the URL structure of your content pages, and include any keywords you are focusing on within the URL to avoid this common SEO Mistake.

Content Duplication

This SEO mistake is most often made by retail companies.  Often times, they will have the same product included in several category subfolders.  This causes duplicate pages to exist on their site, meaning the exact same content existing on two separate URLs.  This will water down and weaken the SEO pull of both pages.  So category subfolders for the same product or webpage are generally best avoided.

Lack of User Generated Reviews/Content

Because of the heavy conversion rates, user reviews and user generated content can be an amazing way to increase your site’s SEO performance.  Take a look at this case study, where were able to increase their web based sales by 119%, solely because of user generated reviews.  It’s also a great way to add new content to your pages, content that is topical, and which will add weight to your SEO results.

15 Comments on “The 5 Biggest SEO Mistakes Commonly Made Today

  1. Janesanchez92

    I strongly agree! User generated reviews is one of the best ways to increase the popularity of the site and the product it is promoting.

  2. Aprilsong

    very informative article, i think lots of people have made such mistakes, if only we pay attention to these problem, we can make our website more professional.

  3. Leenasteenleena

    good article . i could get lots of useful information from this piece of article.we could clear and refresh our webpage from such mistakes with the use of these articles.

  4. Russell Dias

    This is a great article… It helps you understand the mistakes made while using SEO. By reading this article i will be able to avoid such mistakes… It helped me a lot…

  5. ashvin

    Very nice article. Agree with all five mistake normally done by them. To make profession website above point must be kept in mind.

  6. John Ely Lendia

    Great article. This will help many blogger to avoid such mistakes. Certainly a must share information with others as well. Thanks a lot.

  7. Szeto Ching

    This is a useful article. This five mistakes can warn us and therefore we can avoid it. It can not only help SEO, but also people who like me.

  8. Thomas Cruz

    This article says exactly what are needed to say. Truly, these 5 mistakes are so vident in so many businesss that anyone can see nowadays. Carefully written and observed, the author of thi article has just provided the much needed information for many of the SO’s to observe.

  9. Darshiprakash

    Your article clearly shows the major mistakes which is done by the SEO persons. Really it is an eye opener to the seo persons to find their faults. Hope all the seo people will change their mistakes after reading this article. Very useful article.

  10. Tao

    Wow, thank you for the information. I really need to modify my site according to the above hints. To create a better URL then those URL with numbers and I did not know Reviews do count! Do they check if the reviews are related to the content or just any review is fine? As I also got some comment which is Ads only. Thanks

  11. tatzkie

    This article is useful for people who build websites. I hope that SEO companies noticed these problems. This error could make misunderstanding because of too much image base content and also with content duplication. I hope they could manage these problems so that it would be easier for webmasters.

  12. Ram

    This article is good for those website owners who are willing to rise their rank, I too do not like to stay on any website with these mistakes. Good SEO ranking is important for business websites, and it is very important to avoid mistakes.

  13. VIVEK

    Nicely written article, Hope it help all of us working in web. All topics are describe well and all are need to focus on this mistakes. SEO must read this,….

  14. Manroks23

    This is something very useful to keep in mind when advertising ones websites to attract a good numbers of traffic and gain its reputation and established good image in the business of marketing,the above stated warning is something we should avoid because these are the most common mistakes we make in order to make good progress……..


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