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Local Search Optimization

Optimizing Google Local (formerly Places), Yelp and ensuring there are ample citations will bring more local business to you. People are increasingly becoming mobile and this changes the inbound marketing implications significantly. We have the tools and know-how to enable better local results.


[heading_2 type=”divider”]Why is Local so Important?[/heading_2] [lead]

Many of the search engines display results to help mobile users locate and find exactly what is most relevant and nearby. It’s not always your website that will have an opportunity to be listed near the top. There are far too many services competing for this space. Local optimization doesn’t fight the system, it simply plays by the rules and gets your message on other websites in the right position.

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Google Local

What’s great about having a small or medium-sized business is you can direct your online marketing campaign at a local audience and have a much better chance of ranking high in search results. Making things even easier is Google’s habit of offering searchers local results as opposed to broad, nationwide listings.

However, for Google to recognize your business as a local establishment and place it in appropriate search results, you have to optimize your web properties correctly and properly claim your Google business page. This is where Spark Logix Studios can help. We enhance all your pages with local markers, so Google knows exactly what your site is about and your geographical audience. Also, we’ll show you how to take control of your Google business listing and the best ways to implement photos, descriptions, reviews, and more to ensure your brand attracts both search engines and consumers.

Additionally, Spark Logix Studios’ social media experts can assist you in launching or managing your business’ Google+ page, which will expand your web presence and help your business better participate in Google+ Local (Google’s integration of social media and local search tools). With Google+ Local and our expertise, you can have your brand reach more people than ever before.

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Over the past several years, the number of people accessing the internet through mobile devices has skyrocketed, and it continues to grow daily. A great many of these people are using their smartphones to guide their shopping, dining, and purchasing decisions, and assisting consumers in their selections are an assortment of review sites — most notably, Yelp.

Yelp is a review site managed by the “people.” Anyone can create a location, provide information about a business, offer reviews, and even post pictures. Since, the site is driven by consumers it tends to be well trusted and is often a go-to source when people want to know the top restaurants, plumbers, hairdressers, or any other type of local business.

All of this presents a great opportunity to make a positive impression on people who are ready to buy, but only if your business participates and leverages the platform effectively. With smartphones and Yelp, your brand can be in people’s pockets all the time no matter where they are. Let us help you make the most out of this 24/7 salesman.

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Citations are mentions of your business’ name, address, and contact information on various places throughout the internet. The more citations you have the better, because they all backup who you claim to be and give Google the confidence to place your listing high in search results. However, if your citations are inconsistent or lacking, your business is at a big disadvantage in terms of SEO and targeting local search traffic.

We can uncover all your current online citations, implement cross referencing, and fine-tune them so they are all feeding search engines the same, correct information. Also, we’ll assist you in acquiring more citations on blogs, professional and industry directories, telephone pages, social sites, and local business directories. With such an assortment of citations, your brand will have much more visibility, and your Google Local page will have greater power to rank highly.

Not only will Spark Logix Studios help you get citations and claim those you may not know about, but we’ll also continue to track them, monitor their accuracy, and balance this strategy with other inbound marketing initiatives for a comprehensive campaign. Furthermore, we’ll keep an eye on the competition’s citations, so you always stay one step ahead.

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The days of searching through phonebooks for businesses are long gone. Today, nearly everyone uses their online equivalents — search engines and directories. With directories, consumers can see a list of local businesses (just like with a traditional phonebook); however, users often get added information, such as a URL, review, map and driving directions, pictures, and more. Knowing that consumers flock to these sites for their convenience and free information, it’s important your business has a presence on multiple directories if you want to be found online. Directories are fantastic at improving sales because they make it easy to connect with customers at the exact moment when they’re searching for your products or services.

Spark Logix Studios works with all sorts of businesses on a daily basis and has a deep understanding of what directories best serve individual industries, and with our know-how, we can pinpoint the most lead generating directory sites on which to focus your energies. With the availability of business, geographical, and social directories, there is a multitude of places for your brand to make a mark.

Many of them are free while others charge a fee for their services. With our experience as a guide, we’ll utilize the best combination of free and paid directories, so you get the biggest impact while minding your budget.

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Internet Marketing

[subheading_4]Quality Content and Strategy[/subheading_4]

Optimizing a website is a primary objective. Our optimization plan includes: dedicated keyword research, correct code use, quality backlinks and more! We’d love to explain this in detail and give you a better understanding of how we’ll help you beat the competition.[button link=”#” linking=”default” size=”medium” type=”simple” title=”Internet Marketing”]Internet Marketing[/button] [/one_half_last] [/tab_content] [tab_title]Free Consultation[/tab_title] [tab_content] [one_half]

Free Consultation

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Free Consultation

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Our goal is simple: get the attention of all local or national customers researching or searching for what you offer. We’d like to offer you a free consultation and strategy plan for your business, contact us today to learn more.

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