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Custom Magento eCommerce Design & Development. Reliable and Compliant eCommerce.

One of the world’s most reliable community driven eCommerce platforms available. Built for large and robust eCommerce websites. Custom designed and developed by Spark Logix Studios. Available responsive development allowing your site to adapt to smartphones, tablets, laptops & desktop computers.

A Robust Platform

Robust services and everything needed for a professional online store. Magento has a host of built-in organizational tools that streamline your marketing and sales efforts all in one location.

Magento integrates effortlessly with a variety of third-party sites, so you can do things like receive payments or mail shipments with ease.

Not only is Magento simple for you to manage, but it also provides user-friendly navigation for your customers. In only a few clicks, they can search for a product, filter results, and receive a list of suitable products. Such quick, effortless online service encourages sales and keeps people on your page.

Unlimited Potential

Unlike other eCommerce systems, Magento doesn’t require you to use standard templates or fit your vision into their design. And since the program is open source, we can build you a one-of-a-kind online store unique to the needs of your business.

You have the freedom to add elements such as shopping carts, wish lists, reviews, multiple shipping options, guest checkout, and more. And as your business grows, you can adapt Magento and include new features without interruption of your store.

Sell to a limited area or the entire world. Essentially, with Magento’s flexibility, your eCommerce store can become anything you imagine.

Search Engine Optimization

No matter how great your online store, it’s only useful if people find it. For this, Magento is also able to lend a helping hand as it comes with search engine optimization (SEO) tools already incorporated.

Its SEO-friendly nature means you have total control over URLS and Meta data, and, among other things, it auto-generates a site map and a popular search terms page, so you don’t have to. All of this equals more visibility for your store and the increased chance of connecting with those who want your products or services.

Additionally, since Magento is constantly evolving, it’s regularly updated with the latest SEO strategies, which keeps your business always on the cutting edge.

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