Spark Logix Picks Top Super Bowl Ads 2012 | Best Commercials SB46
Super Bowl Ads 2012

Enjoy our top commercial picks from Super Bowl 46 by Spark Logix Studios. With all their sex appeal, comedy, and seriousness we think you’ll enjoy this year’s ads. If you think we missed any please let us know in the comments.

10.) Samsung Mobile USA – Thing Called Love


9.) Doritos – Man’s Best Friend

8.) MetLife – “Everyone”


7.) Kia Optima – “A Dream Car. For Real Life.”


6.) Hyundai – “Cheetah”


5.) Fiat – “500 Abarth”


4.) Chrysler – “It’s Halftime In America”


3.) Toyota Camry – “It’s Reinvented”


2.) Budweiser – “Prohibition”


1.) Pepsi – “King’s Court”

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