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WordPress is an adaptable and solid choice CMS for small businesses. Most small businesses today are turning to WordPress. Many small business owners are having their websites built by competent designers and developers and customizing “perfect for them” WordPress content management systems. Many include additional plug-ins that customize and bring value. However, not everyone using WordPress is small! Let’s take a look at a few larger and well-known names using WordPress in 2011.

 Aqua Hotels and Resorts





 CNN Political Ticker





 Animoto Blog










 Live Strong Blog





 Margaret Cho





 Creative Ad Awards





 Mozilla Labs





 Best Buy Stores





 UPS Racing





  Pepsi Refresh Blog





As you can see WordPress is the CMS of choice for a few well-known companies. There are a lot of companies and organizations that have turned to WordPress because of its solid reputation and ability. Please take a look at why it’s good to use WordPress for your business.


3 Comments on “A Few Big Names Using WordPress in 2011 with Examples

  1. Why Use WordPress for your Business Website in 2011 w/examples | Spark Logix Studios

  2. Danielle Granger

    I’ve been researching various platforms that I want to use for my web presence and I have pretty much decided on WordPress.

    I have several friends who use WP and they all rave about it. I’m even more excited now to start using it after seeing some of the “big names” who utilize it.

  3. Beth

    I love the flexibility of WordPress, and the fact that website owners are able to have plugins tailored specifically for them.

    I think this helps level the playing field for those people new on the internet scene.


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