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Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011

It’s the end of another year, and we here at Spark Logix Studios have decided to take a look back at the viral advertising that has shaped the internet over the past year.  Viral Marketing is increasingly becoming a major tool by brands to generate buzz, and find new customers.  The following videos were, in our opinion, the most successful at using humor, poignancy, and cleverness to market their products.


1 – The Force – Volkswagon

A great mixture of humor, nostalgia, and a clever conceit made this an extremely successful video.  Originally aired during the superbowl, it managed to strike a chord with all of us who enjoyed Star Wars when we were kids, and intriduced the world to the 2012 Passat.


2 – Roller Babies – Evian

Perhaps a bit cutesy for a lot of people, there is no denying the power of adorable babies dancing.  Perhaps an homage to one of the first internet meme’s, the original dancing baby, this Evian commercial made clever use of a great 80’s song, Rapper’s Delight.


3 – iPad Head Girl – Cosmo

Thinkmodo created an amazing and hilarious advertisement for the magazine Cosmo for Guys.  In it, they imagine a woman with an iPad for a head, which allows men to understand things that women don’t tell them, by of course, flipping through the contents of Cosmo for Guys.


4 – Challenge – Old Spice

Deciding to shake things up a bit, Old Spice replaced the man who had become known as “That one guy from the old spice commercials” with none other than Margarine Magnate and Romance Novel Cover Model Fabio, adding a nice twist of ironic pleasure to the same formula that was such a smash success last year.


5 – Dear 16 Year Old Me – David Cornfield Melanoma Fund

Generally dominated by the use of humor, viral videos can occasionally have a more poignant message.  Case in point this video from the DCMF, which starts of fun and silly, but then delves into much weightier topics, and makes for a very interesting watch.


6 – Cat Touch – Skittles

Definitely in the category of “Viral because of how bizarre it is”, this skittles ad is, well, borderline disturbing.  Enjoy?


7 – Party Rock Anthem – Kia Soul

A perennial favorite, the dancing Hamsters make a come back, once again, dancing themselves silly.  In case you haven’t picked up on it, incorporating dancing into a video seems like a sure fire way to end up going viral.


8 – The Royal Wedding – T-Mobile

With the insane coverage surrounding the Royal Wedding, it’s no surprise that several companies attempted viral campaigns around the event.  The most successful however, made clever use of look-a-likes to have a dance party to the music of East 17.


9 – Mile High Madness with Richard Simmons – Air New Zealand

A staple of viral videos and ironic humor, Richard Simmons leads a pack of Jazzercize enthusiasts in a video where flight safety is discussed and explained.


10 – Ken Block’s Gymkhana Four – DC Shoes

Amazing stunt work and a cheeky sense of humor has driven this latest hit from DC Shoes up the youtube charts, garnering almost 13 million views as of today.  Quite a bit longer than most viral videos, it’s face pace and scattershot sense of humor help maintain your attention.

12 Comments on “The Top 10 Viral Videos of 2011

  1. Batencila Annabelle

    These are amazing videos and they are worthy to be in the top ten. Very informative and entertaining as well. one can learn many aspects while viewing the videos presented. Great!

  2. Wittynet

    For me, the best are the dancing babies. We all know that babies are joy to us. In my case, if I am really depressed and sad and I heard my baby nephew calling my name, and can’t really pronounce it well, I forget all my problems. I sometimes have this weird dream that babies should remain babies because when they grow up, their minds are polluted by people around them whether we like it or not. If we parents are not good in raising our kids, we cannot raise them as good citizens.

  3. bashabasha

    Wow! All videos here are really amazing! especially the babies dancing,that video is really great! I enjoyed watching it. No wonder why that video is belong on the top 10 viral videos.I wonder if its real or how the video maker did it! I’m really amazed and its really funny! Super like 😀

  4. Melaniegcanada

    The commercial showing The Evian Roller Babies has greatly caught us all. The idea has won people’s attention. This has the right to be in the top ten. Congratulations to the thinker of this! Really a great job!

  5. Liz Uy

    The top 2 videos made it to my country through facebook. I became famous here for quite a while. I loved the top 1, the volkswagen video, the kid was so cute! I loved the dramatic effect when he “stopped” the car. Very entertaining commercial..

  6. Manroks23

    All the videos are great and the funniest one is that the cat and mouse videos,they are enjoying the party and dancing to the music with great enthusiasm and joy, the video is awesome and the quality and clarity is also very nice,that is why this videos have received great traffic and it is in the top 10 list…..

  7. Manu Chhabra

    All the videos added in the top ten list are amazing. I especially liked the Roller Babies and iPad Head Girl advertisements. Great minds work behind such creativity. Such videos grab the attention of every spectator. An applause for all the videos and its makers.

  8. Thomas Lim

    I watched all the videos herein. I could not help but smile with some of them. It is really entertaining to watch these videos, and I think I am going to show them to my kids as well.

  9. Szeto Ching

    There videos are very funny and no wonder they are listed in the top 10. I shall show them to my child to have a look. I think he will also like it.


    If I were to rate these videos, my #1 would be video5 entitled “Dear 16-year old me” as it is the most sensible among the ten. It is thought-provoking, attention-getting and informative as well. No. 2 on my list will be video9 as it has a knack of humor and different touch to information dissemination. I hope more videos similar to these will enter the most viral videos to elicit consciousness on serious health, social and other issues facing humanity as a whole, and creativity in giving information. Nonetheless, I also enjoyed the videos with babies dancing, little Dark Vader “attempting to use his telekinetic power” and the dance steps of “Chipmunks-look alike”! Kudos to the authors who arranged these!

  11. Anil Gola

    I think these videos are quite funny and humorous, i would show to my friends and post this link on my micro blogging account so that every body can see it. Really entertaining and hope many more will be published on this website. Entertainment at its zenith…


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