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Increase Your Blog Traffic

Now that you understand why you need a high-traffic blog, the big question is — how do you do it? There are specific reasons why some blogs outrank others even when, on the surface, they appear equally valuable. Don’t let your blog get lost in all the online noise. Instead, use these ten traffic-boosting tips.

1. Use Good SEO Practices

Search engines are at the heart of bringing traffic to your site, so you must employ certain strategies to get their attention. There are a many ways to make your site search engine compatible, but that’s a topic for a different post. If you need help, look at our post about anchor text and SEO tips.

2. Pinpoint a Share-Friendly Audience

If you want to provide your audience with appealing content, you’ve got to know who they are. Get to know your readers, and write about things in which they are interested. Remember, blogging isn’t all about words and paragraphs. Followers also enjoy unique infographics, videos, lists, and other things of interest.
Once you’ve targeted a broad audience, try to focus in on groups who are more likely to spread the word about your blog. These are people who frequent social networking and other sharing websites.

3. Join Online Social Community and Networking Sites

If your target audience hangs out in online communities, then you should be there too. Establish a personal and business profile, connect them with your blog, and begin networking and sharing opinions. Beside big-name sites such as Facebook and Twitter, there are also more niche related forums where you can connect with those specifically interested in your industry. Examples are: Reddit, Pinterest, Tumblr, Ravelry, and Newsvine.

4. Make an Impression

Once you join such sites, make an effort to get yourself noticed (in a good way). Add worthwhile comments, bring up debate-worthy topics, and offer useful links. Pretty soon, people will start to wonder who you are and will check out your blog to learn more. Never link-drop, troll, spam, or generally be a nuisance, or you will give you and your blog a bad name.

5. Monitor Your Analytics

Even a basic program such as Google Analytics can supply you with a wealth of information about how your site is working. Once you know where hits originate, which pages are most popular, and from where you’re receiving the most traffic, you can adjust your marketing strategy accordingly.

6. Allow Others to Use your Stuff (with a linkback)

If you have a talent for photography, graphics, illustrations, or anything else worth sharing, allow others permission to use your images as long as they give you credit and a link back to your site. Generally, if you put a such a request on your site, most everyone is happy to oblige. Website owners are always in need of unique graphics, so this is a great way to reach unlimited numbers of online users.

7. Link to Your Own Posts and to Others

They don’t call it web surfing for nothing. People love riding a wave of links and discovering new, interesting pages. If your current post relates to a previously written article — provide a link to it. And if someone else’s blog is relevant, then link to that too. Not only will your readers appreciate it, but other site owners will be grateful for the traffic and may even return the favor.

8. Guest Blog

A great way to get yourself noticed is by providing a guest blog on someone else’s site. If their readers like what you have to say, you can attract quite a few new fans. The first couple of sites you ask may say “no,” (especially if they are very popular), but don’t give up. If you have innovative ideas, eventually people will be begging for your content. Additionally, invite others to guest post on your site. It offers your readers a fresh perspective and also provides you with a nice break from blogging.

9. Create an RSS Feed

A person may love your site, and have every intention of coming back, but the internet is full of distractions, and more than likely, users will forget all about your blog (or at least where they found it). You can help prevent this by providing some subscription buttons on your page. Give guests the option to follow you through RSS or email and you’ll see many more return visitors.

10. Put a Link to Your Blog on Everything

Everything you do on the web should have a link back to your site — but not in annoying way. Simply include it in your email signature line, on your social pages, under your photos, and subtly embed it in your name when you make comments on forums. That way, people can choose whether to click or not.
Also, mention your blog during relevant, “real-life” conversations. Sometimes the best way to build traffic is through face-to-face encounters. Individuals you meet in a natural environment are usually more willing to join in a mutually beneficial relationship.

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