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Perhaps you’ve heard about Google changing their Analytics tracking to the new Universal Analytics. If you’ve really been paying attention, then you saw, or perhaps even took part of the free Analytics Fundamentals training course they offered during this past October. If not, the material is still available to go through.

We’re not going to talk about here what all the new Universal Google Analytics is capable of tracking. The purpose of this post is to walk through how simple this upgrade is.

Analytics Transfer not started yet

Once logged into Google Analytics, clicking on Admin at the top right will allow you to see Account, Property, and View (Profile) of which ever account you are going to upgrade. If you need to upgrade, you’ll see the “Transfer not started” in blue under the Universal Analytics Upgrade section.

Clicking on the Universal Analytics Upgrade tab will reveal this next section where you will begin the process:

Universal Analytics Transfer step 1

Once you click “Transfer”, a warning/confirmation text box will appear. If you use any of the features they mention, don’t upgrade yet. Otherwise, click the “Transfer” button in this window.

Google Analytics Transfer step 2

That’s it! You’re done!

Analytics Transfer Step 3

Now all that is needed is to wait for Google Analytics to do their part in the upgrade which may take 24-48 hours. So check back in about 2 days and you’ll be able to get the new tracking code. You will need to replace the one that is currently on your site with the new one that is created. ¬†After that, you’re ready to start using all of the new features the Universal Tracking Code will provide to you.

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