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Those looking to increase traffic to their website or squeeze page should devote some effort to list building. Put simply, list building is the process of increasing your mailing list so that you can keep people informed and interested in your site. The power of a strong list should not be underestimated as it has the ability to keep regular traffic to your site and ultimately generate more profits. However, successfully promoting your site and increasing your list is nearly impossible to do on your own. If you want to truly see your list grow, you must make connections with other people and incorporate “viral marketing strategies“. Viral marketing is not difficult, but it does require some basic strategies that require constant diligence. If incorporated into your marketing efforts, the following tips will have your list growing exponentially.

Create Re-Publishable Newsletters

Sending regular and interesting newsletters is a great way to entice people to join your mailing list. You can take this idea a step further and allow others to re-publish your newsletter on the condition that they give you credit and a link back to your squeeze page. Having others distribute your work has the benefit of introducing many more people to your site than you could on your own.

Run an Affiliate Program on Your Website

Affiliate programs are simply arrangements made between a website owner and an online merchant. As the merchant, you agree to pay your affiliates a certain amount of money for each person they direct to your site. With money being the great motivator, this serves as an especially powerful strategy in encouraging people to promote your site. If you are going to run an affiliate program you will have to purchase certain website tools. You can get these through a web-based affiliate program or you can install an affiliate script on your website. A web-based program has the benefit of ease and reliability, while the affiliate script may save you money in the long run as you avoid third-party fees.

Give Away a Free, Re-Brandable E-Book

Visitors can be persuaded to join your list if they are rewarded with an interesting e-book. Another benefit is that a high quality and helpful e-book will undoubtedly be passed around the web. Your e-book should contain links back to your site and affiliate sites so that as your book spreads it will continually help to build your list. If you really want to make your e-book a viral marketing element, then you should ensure that it is re-brandable. This means that you allow readers to change part or all of the affiliate links to fit their needs. This gives them an incentive to distribute your e-book and it also serves your purposes as you gain more exposure. However, re-branding does require the use of certain software and some of the programs can be difficult to use. Nevertheless, re-branding is worth the effort and can be fairly simple if you find a reputable and user-friendly program.

Run a Referral Contest

A referral contest can generate many new contacts for your list in a relatively short amount of time. The process is fairly straightforward as you simply reward users who refer the greatest amounts of new visitors to your site. If you already have an affiliate marketing website script, then the process is even easier as you are already setup to track referrals. A referral contest can be a very powerful strategy if you get the support of affiliates and joint venture partners.

Utilize Social Networking Features

Nothing has gone quite as viral as social networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter. You can get in on part of the action by adding “like” and “re-tweet” buttons to your website. Through these tools, your list has the potential to grow innumerably as your website is passed throughout these huge online communities. People readily click on these buttons when they see them and they work particularly well during contests.

In general, the most important thing to remember when link building is the importance of creating online relationships. Never has the phrase, “no man is an island” been more appropriate. All of these tips rely on a mutually beneficial relationship between you and others on the web. If you want your list to grow and your website to be successful you will have to continually network and market your site.

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  1. Ram

    List building is important for increasing the traffic to the website or squeeze pages, connections with others and incorporating viral marketing strategies are good for this. All tips provided here are useful especially giving away free gifts and running referral contests, this will surely encourage others.

  2. Miramaducdoc

    I am not so familiar with building list that is why i am so grateful to encounter this article.But because i am in to some referral contest and social networking features,this is the must read for me.Thank you for sharing this.Hopefully more to come so ill be more informed.

  3. Randy G

    Very useful article! The tips in increasing traffic for a website is very well explained. I must agree with the writer that creating online relationship is one important key in link building.

  4. Thomas Lim

    This is definitely a very useful and healthy article. Mentioned are 5 very important points that are quite useful for one to be able to achieve his goals regarding this. List building will, as a result, turn out to be easier that it seems, as long as one takes into consideration what this article has mentioned. I look forward to learning more out of this piece of article.

  5. Nigildas

    This is really a very informative article, one should know what is list building and how does it help to attract visitors to our site and also to maintain them. The five very important concepts discussed above are really vital points in list building, Its really important to build links on the net as it may help you in the longer run. This is a really good piece of information thank you for posting this.

  6. Anonymous

    I agree with these valuable and practicable tips given above. list building, newsletter subscriptions, free E-book destribution, refferal contests and social networking have been effective tools for gaining popularity. Many do not have genuine information. So these tools can really stimulate

  7. Joan Retiro

    This article is very helpful for those who wanted to gain popularity over the world wide web, business wise.It doesn’t only take hard works but as well strategic planning and promotions of the sites you have. And all of them, if taken seriously are really great boost to get the number of traffics that you desire for your site. Very wisely laid out.

  8. Manroks23

    This is a very useful marketing tips required to gain or increase healthy traffic to its websties,and these all points should be taken into considerations in order to successfully create a larger network of visitors,for any business to get popular,it is required to carefully build a traffic to attract large numbers of visitors….

  9. Pradeep dwivedi

    really it’s a quite interesting article , making huge traffic with viral system is a new concept ,it’s too popular now , list building is very useful for site promotion, if we follow these things certainly we would make lots of traffic for our websites and blogs .

  10. Dickersonchristina57

    This was great article. I am learning more an more about affiliate marketing. I also am learning about setting up web pages, ect. This will help alot in the learning process.

  11. Natasha

    This article is very informative if you’re looking for ways to increase traffic for your website. I agree when he said “You must make connections with other people…”, because in order for your website to grow you need to spread the word and attract them to visit your site. The referral contests is an excellent way to get traffic because both you and the contestants get rewarded. Overall, this article is very useful and can help any novice looking on how to be a successful with the traffic on their website.

  12. Szeto Ching

    This is a great article to help me have a good traffic to my website. I have learned a lot from it. The methods and tips sound useful and I’d like to try it. I think it can work for my website.

  13. stauros teo

    I was looking for this info long time! Now im able to give life to my website and make it growth! High traffic with viral system is a very smart option and few bloggers out there know the way! Thank you very much for this article, im gonna follow for more articles 🙂

  14. Cyndy Sy

    Yes indeed! Viral Marketing is really very helpful in building a list. I’ve proven this very effective by using Facebook and Twitter. I’d try the other ways listed in here. I think they will really be just as effective as social sites. Thanks for these tips!

  15. Matt Low

    You have some interesting ideas there. I would never have thought of making newsletters re-publishable. Thanks for the great information. I will have to look further into this viral thing =)

  16. laarni ortega

    These is really helpful for those who are into marketing and business. Social networking now are very helpful for those who want to gin popularity with their business. I hope a lot will be encourage to use viral marketing to increase their sales in the market.

  17. Darshiprakash

    viral marketing is really a good way to get traffic, your article provides a lot of good information about viral marketing. Very easy to understand as well as great to follow.

  18. Mohan Singh

    viral marketing is great for increase traffic of a sending daily newsletters your website is stay in touch with others and by run a referral contest many people can join website so i think viral marketing is best for our website

  19. Mohan Singh

    viral marketing is great for increase traffic of a sending daily newsletters your website is stay in touch with others and by run a referral contest many people can join website so i think viral marketing is best for our website

  20. Chill Lax

    Thanks for sharing this to me. It would definitely help me in my website. This article seemed to be very useful for those people who want to keep their business expand. I hope they could really appreciate this.

  21. Firdous Jamal

    Thanks very much for sharing one of the precious article concern totally to the world of internet and marketing. Actually i am very interested in internet marketing thats why i like your site

  22. Carolina

    Thank you so much for sharing this, I have learned a lot from it.
    Very interesting tips, I’m definitely follow them.

    Best Regards

  23. ikenna david

    Wow,what a wonderful knowledge ive just gained now because this is a really useful information because not everybody knows about all these steps to drawing traffic to a website.When i build my website,im definitely going to use these procedures in drawing traffic and i believe it will work.

  24. Iya Elab

    i like the tips you gave. especially the one about giving away free ebooks as im an avid reader. most of the authors i like have their own blogs and us fans usually increase our stalking (lol) of their websites during times they’re most likely to give away books. found new authors this way too.


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