5 Tips For Effectively Using Google AdWords In Your SEO Strategy
Google Adwords SEO Strategy

Google AdWords is by far the most popular and widely used Pay-Per-Click (PPC) service currently used. It accounts for roughly 60% of all search engine advertising currently on the internet. That’s a very significant portion, and so if you want to get your company noticed by the biggest potential client pool possible, using Google AdWords is an absolute must. Not only does it provide extremely accurate targeting, as well as the ability to succinctly measure your success rate, it also allows you to reach 75% of internet users worldwide.

Google AdWords is revolutionary, because it changes the way online advertising works. It rewards advertisers for relevant ads that attract a large number of clicks, which rewards those who take the time to research, and create targeted ads. But this can also make it difficult to use AdWords to it’s highest potential. An increase of cost, a larger pool of competition, and higher quality requirements created by Google, can make it difficult for many businesses to get maximum profit from their investment. However, properly utilized, Google AdWords can be a very powerful tool in your marketing arsenal, and it get your website excellent exposure to a massive potential customer base.

Here are 5 Tips you can use, to more effectively use Google AdWords for your SEO Strategy.

1 – Make sure you include keywords in the ad text.

Make sure that you demonstrate to whoever is searching, that your advertisement is more relevant than the competitions. The Google search results will display these keywords in bold if they are there, which will make your ad more eye catching than the rest.

2 – Avoid bidding wars

This may seem like common sense, but if you become too attached to a particular keywords or advertisement, you can get tunnel vision, and end up paying much more for the advertisement than it is potentially worth to your company. Set a maximum price based on what you think or know will be effective, and stick to it. If you lose a bidding war, move on.

3 – Carefully observe the competition

Make sure you research what your biggest competition is doing, and take full advantage of that information. Is a particular keyword effective for them? What market are they targeting with their keywords? Are they using geotargeting? All if this information can help you determine which AdWords strategy will work for you.

4 – Optimize and use a relevant landing page

When a person searches for one of your products or services, don’t have the landing page associated with that keyword be your homepage. It is much more useful to have them lead to the relevant page, so that the searcher finds what they want as quickly as possible.

5 – Track your results

Always, always, always make sure you track the effectiveness of your AdWords campaign, and adjust accordingly. Which of your keywords are driving more traffic to your site, and which aren’t. Make sure you aren’t spending your money foolishly.

Using Google Adwords is highly recommended when trying to grow, maintain, and optimize your business.

17 Comments on “5 Tips For Effectively Using Google AdWords In Your SEO Strategy

  1. Rusale Baga

    Wow. I never know what is the Adwords all about. Thanks to this article it helps me understand about it. I do have a blog but I am not planning to put adwords maybe next few years later. For me, this five tips will be very helpful and will be very effective in using google adwords to get more visitors.

  2. Anonymous

    One has to do a deep study on choosing the right keywords leading to information that the viewers or the visitors seek for. It is a matter to consider that the adwords raise the potentiality of the content.One has to tally whether the choice to the apt adwords really drive traffic to the website.

  3. Manroks23

    Google adwords is very useful tools for marketing,and one could advertise ads using this great tools because it is so much affordable then the rest, and by following the above 5 wonderful tips we can achieve numerous ad exposure without paying a lot of money…..


    While not an advertiser myself I find this article very informative. For a newbie like me, this article gives me clues on how e-commerce, rather e-marketing, is being undertaken. I just hope a good soul from this site can consolidate and organize all the information so that they come not as piecemeal manuscripts but a body of knowledge worth studying as a specialized discipline.

  5. Thomas Lim

    This article is definitely very informative. One gets to learn so much from the author of this article. This is really a very great opportunity for one who wishes to maximize opportunities for his online business.

  6. bashabasha

    Very nice article. It so great to know of how this 5 tips will effectively help us when we use Google Adwords .. This is very helpful to me because I want to learn how Google Adwords works in effective ways. I find this site very interesting especially for those learner like me. Thanks for sharing this one .

  7. Neilanthonytiu

    I am very surprised with this article I am very impressed It is great to know that 5 tips is very effective especially when using Google Adwords not only that it can boost of thousand of internet marketers world wide that needs extra income online thanks for sharing this very useful tips.

  8. Neilanthonytiu

    I am very surprised with this article I am very impressed It is great to know that 5 tips is very effective especially when using Google Adwords not only that it can boost of thousand of internet marketers world wide that needs extra income online thanks for sharing this very useful tips.

  9. Abby

    Excellent recommendations here and I think this is something that website owners should think about. The more diverse the SEO strategy you use, the more likely you are able to gain results from it. All your efforts will pay off in the end as you can see improvements in your SEO campaign,.

  10. Melody Lee

    Yes. I strongly agree! We should always check if the adwords is effective or not. Don’t always rely on earnings. Check results for you to have better plans for your success.

  11. Ram Bansal

    All SEO activities including advertising through adwords are hit and trial methods wherein one has to be alert and dynamic always. So, don’t stick to anything is the key to success on the Internet. Keep on experimenting with full alertness.

  12. Szeto Ching

    Today the searching engine is quite important for the online business. This is a great article and gives us tips to use the Google AdWords. I think this can make a change.

  13. Matt

    The five tips are very basic yet I feel that a lot of people have neglected doing these. Articles like this are very much needed since they help remind people who are already utilizing an SEO strategy for their business. And they are also valuable tips for start-ups as well.

  14. Tao

    thanks for the tips in Google AdWords that reminds me NO Bid war as I once do that!!! And that really not effective! It only cost much more but may not with corresponding reward 🙁

  15. Fairday12

    The article is very good.It tells us how to advertise using Google Adwords .Reading this i want to open a business,and i’ll advertise my products on Google Adwords in the future.

  16. Robert

    Is the structure of your Adwords account sufficient to being easily managed, optimized, and achieve a positive ROI? If not, here’s a tip on how to do that: Split the types of advertising into different campaigns. Have one for search, one for banners, one for search remarketing, one for display remarketing, etc. This easily helps you see which kinds of ads perform well for your business. Remarketing gets mad props but it doesn’t always work with all kinds of website prospects and can just run up costs. You can easily tell if banners are working in comparison to search keywords if they’re in different campaigns. So there’s your tip for the day folks – to those that are newer to Google Adwords at least.


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