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Viral Marketing.  Often not understood, and difficult to intentionally design, it can be an incredibly effective means of promoting your product and services.  Don’t believe me?  Then let me ask, what do you think of when I say the word “Old Spice”?  Have you ever received a voice mail from a celebrity, addressing you by name?  Remember when the rumors around the film The Blair Witch Project caused many to believe it was a real documentary, and made it one of the most profitable independent films ever made?  These are just a couple examples of viral marketing being used very successfully to promote a product or service.

Viral Marketing is defined as any marketing strategy that encourages users to pass on the marketing materials or message to others.  This creates an exponential growth pattern, not unlike that of the flu virus, as the material is forwarded from friend to friend, allowing the message to reach millions, if done right.

Viral Marketing might not be right for your company, but there are several important lessons that can be learned from the successes we’ve seen in viral marketing campaigns.  Outlined below by your friends at Spark Logix Studios, are five marketing principles that anyone can incorporate into their marketing campaigns.

1 – Free Products or Services

In all likelihood, the most powerful word in a marketer’s toolbox, is the word “free”.  The majority of viral marketing strategies give away something for free.  Free ringtones.  Free samples.  Free games.  A free version of your software, which doesn’t offer as many features as the “professional” version.  A core principle of viral marketing, is delayed gratification.  You may be giving away free product initially, but understanding that the attention and buzz you can generate from your campaign will pay off in spades down the road.

2 – Spreads Easily

Similar to the flu virus, you want to make your marketing campaign spreads easily.  With the advent of the internet, this has become easier than ever.  An e-mail forward, or better yet, a link to a youtube video, is something that most people won’t think twice about before sharing it with their friends on facebook, or other social media platforms.  If it’s too complicated, or difficult to figure out, most people won’t bother.

3 – Easy to Scale

While emphasizing free products or services, you also need to be careful that if your marketing campaign takes off, you won’t be left in the lurch, unable to keep your business afloat.  You need to understand, that if your free give away costs you $1 per potential customer, if it blows up, it could end up costing your company thousands, if not millions of dollars.

4 – Use a Common Human Motivation

Your marketing campaign should appeal to some aspect of basic human nature.  Whether it’s fear, humor, sex appeal, or our innate love for all things cute, if there isn’t some sort of base appeal, people are unlikely to connect with your marketing scheme.  So be sure to include this sort of psychological understanding when planing your campaigns.

5 – Uses Existing Communication Networks

Make sure you take advantage of common methods of communication.  Text messages, internet videos, e-mails, websites, these are things that in the digital age are easy to use, and the vast majority of people are familiar with them.  Why reinvent the wheel, when the wheel works perfectly well.  Better to spend your energy coming up with a clever marketing campaign, than trying to innovate how marketing is done.

12 Comments on “5 Marketing Principles Learned From Viral Marketing

  1. Manroks23

    This given 5 important tips is essential for marketing and setting things just right,it show what exactly the things are needed for the business and how we should get along with the prospects in order to achieve successful viral marketing….

  2. Fuad Ahmed

    Wow, those are real great tips! I’ve learned so much when I followed the right steps and used the tips above. I”ve never thought that viral marketing related tips are very useful and could save me in the future…!

  3. sharif hossain

    This five tips is really very useful. Specially the 4th and 5th tips are more useful I think. I wish these will work for my company too.

  4. Thomas Lim

    These are great information written here. The author explained these things so clearly. Users of the internet will benefit from this article always.


    These are practical principles indeed! I hope somebody can add up to these principles. I foresee that once these are concretized, they will be additions to existing marketing principles, and may even have a separate discipline for tech-savvy marketing people.

  6. Rusale Baga

    wow. This article will really help. Even me as a blogger I think this can help me make my blog get more visit by applying this tips. And I guess it will help online marketing business to promote their website and their products or services.

  7. bashabasha

    This is very informative .I agree those 5 Marketing Principles that we learned in viral marketing. We all know that we need this to have better content in the website. This is a great article that will help to increase the traffic website the help to increase our sale. We should apply this 5 principles in the website.

  8. Joy

    Marketing is an art . With more and more media services this art has drawn the eyes of many enterprises . The 5 principles given above help us to understand some of the ways in which marketing can increase the website traffic and provide more buyers for service given on the website

  9. Mark Hammond

    You are totally correct when you say that viral material need to contain content that appeals to basic human nature such as fear, humor, sex appeal, or our innate love for all things cute. There are more things that you can add to your list. One thing we believe in is that the material should be honest. I really believe that inflated or misleading material is counterproductive

  10. Michael Paulson

    I think that the most powerfull viral marketing technique is using Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Especially entertainment related websites may benefit from social media. However some work is necessary to make your content go viral and some luck gets also involved.


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