We're Spark Logix Studios and We Build Awesome Websites in Minneapolis

We… Build… Awesome… Websites…

We do it all the time.  We’re great at what we do.  Don’t believe me?  Look at some websites we’ve made by jiggling our mice!


What’s that?  Why yes, that is a very astute observation.  We also do graphic design and branding.  We’re really good at that too.

The websites we build are (in addition to being awesome) responsive.  Amazing, right?  You can look at them on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, and they look…AWESOME!

Don’t believe me?  Go ahead, look.  I dare you.  Look on your cell phone.  No, not your old nokia flip job, on your smart phone.  Yeah…that looks nice, doesn’t it.  Now whip out your iPad.  Still looks pretty sweet, am I right?  Turn your iPad.  Wow!  Mind blowing.  It just…magically changed, right?  Still looking good, right?  That’s what we do.  That’s why we’re awesome.

We create great websites.

Not terrible websites.

Great websites.

We are professional web designers.  You are not.

This is nothing against you.  You are awesome too.  You do great, amazing things.  Look at the company you’ve built.  Look how hard you work at your job.  You’re great at it.  You’re also probably very good looking.

We are not good at what you do.  That’s why we make websites.  Because we are good at making websites.

You wouldn’t call up Mr. Google and tell him how to build a better search engine, would you? 

Would you text Captain Toyota and tell him how to build a better car? 

Would you send Doctor Pharmacist an e-mail and tell him how to cure the Flu? 

Probably not.  That’s because they are experts.  They’ve spent a lot of time studying what they do.  Just like you’ve spent a lot of time studying what you do.  That’s why you’re good at it.

We’ve spent a lot of time studying Web Design. 

That’s why we’re so good at it.

Here’s a secret.  We’ve built ugly websites in the past.  Bad websites.  Difficult to use websites.

Here’s another secret.  Those websites were ugly, bad, and unusable because our client insisted they be that way.

When other people visit their website they think

“Wow, I bet they didn’t listen to their Web Designer

and now their website looks terrible!”

This can happen to you.  If you take control, you’ll end up with a terrible looking website.  Really bad.  Really ugly.  People will laugh at you behind your back.  Children will point and say “Yuck!  That is lulz!  I’m going to 4chan this on my blog-o-phone!

All we need from you is what you want your website to do.  Want to sell something?  We can do that.  We can nail that.  Trying to get leads?  We got you covered.   We’re so good, we’ll even bet you’ll get more sales if you listen to us.  But don’t muck everything up.  No, the logo doesn’t need to be bigger.  Yes, that’s how the navigation menu should be.

How about you have a delicious chocolate chip cookie, and just relax.  Trust us.  We’re good at this.  Really good.  Take a break.  You deserve it.  We’ll build you an amazing site.

Trust Us

We know what we’re doing

We Got This

We… Got… This…

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