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Arrow Lift WordPress

Arrow Lift

Since 1985, Arrow Lift has established itself as the premier choice for elevators and accessibility lifts in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, and the Dakotas.



Improved User Experience

With older clients, the site needed to be easy to navigate and read.

Respondo Pro

Arrow Lift, a provider of home elevator and wheelchair lift solutions, approached Spark Logix Studios for a complete website overhaul. This project was particularly fun and challenging for our team, because the Client had a very specific vision in mind, and usability needs which were different from what we had previously built.

The client base for Arrow Lift tends to be elderly people, those who perhaps don’t use the internet as frequently or easily as others, so we needed to make the navigation very easy to use, often times in ways that were counter-intuitive for standard web practices. We also ensured that all text was easy to read, with high contrast and large font sizes.

We also incorporated Arrow Lift’s preexisting branding, which included the log, color scheme, and the “elevator button” graphic, which we used in the header, as well as in the large, easy to use right hand navigation tools. All in all, we were able to build a great Responsive WordPress website, while maintaining ease of use and clarity of message to target Arrow Lift’s client base, and meet their needs.

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