Cast Elegance Pizza Stone SEO and Website Design by Spark Logix
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Cast Elegance by Spark Logix Studios

Cast Elegance Pizza Stones

Inviting design, solid eCommerce and SEO.

These pizza stones are incredible!

With the right product and online presence, big sales are possible.


Respondo Pro

Cast Elegance approached Spark Logix Studios with a simple goal in mind, to increase the sales of their product. The bulk of their sales were through their Amazon store, the website was a single page of information. They wanted to see some additional content, e-commerce functionality, and improved site ranking. Spark Logix Studios was more than happy to help.

We began with a complete site overhaul. By doing keyword research, we identified several keywords that would likely convert to sales. We then created targeted content, focused on those keywords. We also added full e-commerce functionality to the site, allowing them to sell their products both on Amazon, and through the website. After launching the site, we began an aggressive backlink outreach strategy, and managed to improve their various keywords over 500 ranks in the google search results for the targeted keywords.

Another amazing website and SEO strategy from Spark Logix Studios.

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