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CSC Publishing, Inc. WordPress

CSC Publishing, Inc.

CSC Publishing, Inc. publishes business-to-business magazines and related products, including trade magazines such as Powder and Bulk Engineering, Powder Coating, Tablets & Capsules, Inhalation, and PBE International.



Advertising Made Easy

With an Article Archive with thousands of PDFs, they needed to monetize their product.

Respondo Pro

CSC Publishing contacted Spark Logix Studios with a massive site build, perhaps the biggest we’ve ever undertaken. Their old site, which housed literally tens of thousands of PDF articles, needed to be completely redesigned to fit their new business model. Rather than selling these articles, they’d be provided for free to registered user, with revenue being generated by advertising.

First, we redesigned the site, following their branding guidelines, on our responsive wordpress framework, Respondo. We then imported the entire article archive, restructuring the category system to make it more user friendly and intuitive. We also created the advertising system, which rotates ads specific to each category, provides detailed usage reporting to advertisers via an automated e-mail system, and provides a comprehensive reporting system for our client.

We also created a system of conditional logic links throughout the site, so that as users browse through articles, or informative videos, they can easily find additional information across these different custom post types. All in all, we’re very proud of our work on this full responsive wordpress site.

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