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Digital People

Digital People is talented Minneapolis staffing firm, founded in 1997, they’re dedicated to helping business find creative, interactive and marketing employees.



Complete Client Control

The site needed to match the Client’s extremely specific design.

Respondo Pro

Digital People is part of Atterro, a nation wide placement agency which helps employers connect with potential candidates to fill job openings within their organization. They were looking for a modern, fresh looking website, with particular emphasis on responsive design, all using the easy to understand and update WordPress CMS.

Digital People provided all of the design work in a series of Photoshop Files. This presented several unique challenges, as we had to bend our Responsive WordPress framework, sometimes into pretzels, in order to match their designs. But in the end, we created a wonderful site full of robust information for both employers wanting to use Atterro’s services, and potential employees who want to apply for the jobs listed, and the ability for both to submit information to the client, providing new leads and potential clientele.

In addition to the web build, we also created a custom e-mail and form notification tool, which allows the client to send e-mails using custom HTML templates, as well as choosing both the recipient and sender information. By creating a custom form, selecting what fields they want, and where they go in relation to the e-mail, their team is able to easily send e-mails through this web tool to thousands of potential clients and job candidates. This allows their team to follow up on behalf of the recruiters, to weed out the unlikely candidates, and simplifies their workflow.

Digital People is a beautiful looking website, with several Custom Post Types to manage the news and blog sections, as well as custom shortcodes and easy to update designs. We’re very proud of how the Atterro website met all of the needs our client wanted, and exceeded their expectations.

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