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Faribault Lutheran School Web Design by Spark Logix Studios

Faribault Lutheran School

The mission at Faribault Lutheran School is to provide high quality, values-based education in a loving, Christian environment.

User Experience and Ease of Use

As far as school sites go, this one’s user interface is top notch. A solid experience.

Respondo Pro

Faribault Lutheran Schools contacted Spark Logix Studios, in need of a major site overhaul.  Their old site had an outdated design, with several pieces of functionality so out of date, they were not longer working.  Spark Logix Studios was happy to assist.

We began with a complete design overhaul, based on their new logo and branding information.  We streamlined the site content, ensuring that the needed information for students, parents, and teachers was cleanly organized, and easy to find.  Rather than a downloadable PDF form, we helped them convert their registration form into a digital form, using Gravity Forms, so they could easily manage new applications, and make the submission process that much simpler for their students.

Spark Logix Studios then created a unique Custom Post Type for each of the schools classrooms.  This allows them to manage their classrooms going forward, should they need to add a new classroom, or edit an existing one, that content is pulled dynamically to the main Classrooms’ page, making it that much easier to manage.

Another great, fully responsive website from Spark Logix Studios!

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