Glidewear Wordpress & WooCommerce - eCommerce Website Build
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GlideWear products help amputees, wheelchair users, and people with limited mobility prevent painful wounds and bedsores.

Easy to Use eCommerce

The start of a full brand refresh for eCommerce. Simplification.

Respondo Pro

Tamarack Habilitation Technologies needed to take their current site, and split it into three.  This would allow them to market each site to the specific niche market, and with the addition of e-commerce functionality, market directly to their customers in addition to their distributor business lines.  This was the first site build, for their GlideWear product line.

We took all of their creative assets, and designed a homepage using beautiful images to present their information in a clean and simple way.  We also ensured that the products and store were fully responsive, so that users can order the products easily whether viewing the site on mobile, a tablet device, or a desktop computer.

We then created a distributor system, where users of the site can quickly and easily find a local distributor to buy the product.  The client also re-organized their content, focusing on their market, and what their users want to see.  We helped them build a site to reflect their market, and present their information in an elegant, simple way.

Another great, full e-commerce build from Spark Logix Studios, thanks to WooCommerce and our powerful Respondo framework!

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