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Hire Authority LLC by Spark Logix Studios

Hire Authority LLC

Employment Placement Services in the Twin Cities.

Employment Match-Making

Improved site design, and increased site traffic through SEO.

Respondo Pro

Hire Authority LLC, a staffing agency which specializes in employment services for technical and mechanical jobs, had an outdated website that was nearly impossible to manage. Clunky, outdated, and ugly, they wanted something slick and modern, that allowed users to browse job postings, and allowed them to generate new business leads, clients they can connect to potential employment candidates.

The first job was the easiest, a complete site redesign with content perfectly researched and written to target the keywords they wanted. The research took time, finding the correct keywords that were both attainable and niche market specific. We then implemented an aggressive backlink strategy, to help them rank, and get new business.

Another powerful marketing tool that helped a business grow, created by Spark Logix Studios!

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