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LovingDA by Spark Logix Studios


Custom software, subscription based eCommerce and SEO.

Identify a problem, create a custom solution!

LovingDA saw a market need, and a custom solution was the answer.

Respondo Pro

Managing backlinks can be a tremendous pain. We know from personal experience. Knowing just how many you need, what type of links you should have, and keeping track of how many you have, can be bothersome and tedious. Spreadsheets can work, but are difficult to manage. LovingDA presents an elegant, simple solution, but needed custom, web-based software to meet their needs.

In addition to creating a directory of blog outreach information, allowing site users to find new backlink opportunities, Spark Logix Studios created a custom backlink profile management system. Users with an account can add backlinks to their profile, by page or site (if they management multiple clients), add the DA of the backlink, urls, keywords, and all the other data points needed to manage their backlink profile, verify links, and ensure their backlinking strategy is working.

The tool is powerful, and subscription based, allowing LovingDA to monetize their system. Another powerful tool brought to you by Spark Logix Studios!

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