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Tim Owens DDS

Owens DDS

Dr. Owens and his team have extensive experience in offering the highest-quality comprehensive dentistry. They emphasize a personalized approach to fit the needs and situation of each unique patient.

Beautiful Information Layout

A collaborative and easy to use website experience.

Respondo Pro

Tim Owens DDS was in desperate need of a website overhaul.  After looking through Spark Logix Studios design portfolio, they were excited to work with our team to create a truly great website.  They wanted to increase their web presence, and provide good information on the wide array of dental services they provide.

We started by creating a sitemap of all the individual pages they wanted.  This allowed us to create a focused site structure, making it easy and intuitive for users to come to the site, and find the information they need.  This in turn will help their site rankings, as user come to the site to learn more about specific dental issues.

We then created a design, following very specific instructions from the client.  With revisions and tweaks, we were able to hone in on the exact design they wanted, while making sure the site looked beautiful on all screen sizes, thanks to our wonderful responsive framework, Respondo Pro.

Another great build by Spark Logix Studios!

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