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Spark Trivia Business WordPress

Spark Trivia Business

Spark Trivia is an online trivia game built for advertising agencies, fundraisers and businesses.


Custom Code

Nothing is impossible with WordPress, including custom plugins and games.

Respondo Pro

Spark Trivia is available to businesses (particularly restaurants) that want to offer trivia to their customers while they wait. While there are no player upgrades to this trivia game (every player has access to everything) some businesses might want to get a paid version to personalize their customer’s experience. The business is able to offer specials and advertising to other local businesses when they upgrade to the paid version. When a business upgrades to the full version they have total control of branding and advertising on the site.

Spark Logix Studios built a responsive WordPress eCommerce website. This is an example of FLAT WEB DESIGN! What’s particularly special about this website is the recurring billing enabled while being perfectly PCI compliant. A user is able to sign up for a package offer and enter their billing information only once, without using a merchant account or gateway and with no credit card details stored on this site’s servers. We used a third party that enables Spark Trivia to pay per transaction AND the best part, the user doesn’t have to worry about billing each month, it happens automatically. And like you just read, none of the credit card or sensitive information is stored on the client’s server or website.

We integrated with Stripe. With Stripe you don’t need a merchant account or gateway. Stripe handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account. Our eCommerce platform seamlessly works and enables the company to offer easy, recurring billing, with no hassles.

Interested in all of the different ways Spark Logix Studios can help you with eCommerce? Call us today at (612) 200-0332.

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