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Spark Trivia (mobile trivia game) WordPress

Spark Trivia (mobile trivia game)

Spark Trivia is a free online trivia game allowing players to answer questions, see their score, and share on Facebook and Twitter. The game is for duplicating in communities and for independent businesses. Advertising is available in each market.




Custom Code Made Simple

Let us help you make your dream a reality.  You need it, we can code it.

Spark Trivia is custom built and specifically made to modify its layout on all devices. Whether you’re on an iPhone, tablet, or your home computer, the ease of play is obvious and clean.

How it works: A user (anyone with a device) is able to begin play immediately with no login necessary. Each question has 4 possible answers, if you select the correct answer the letter box for the question turns green, if it’s wrong, red. After each question is answered our custom algorithm changes the score, grade and amount in a row. In addition to building a custom scoring module we’ve also integrated the platform to display a custom message when a score is shared on Facebook or Twitter. After each question is answered we’ve also built a random scramble for each new question, this means you’ll get a random question from all categories or the category you’ve selected to play. In addition to this we’ve enabled a process for capturing cookies so a player won’t get the same question twice (unless they reset the game).

In addition to the enormous amount of customization we’ve also configured an ad system portal for displaying advertisements specific to the screen size. There is a built in ad-rotator that allows the business owner to put in as many ads as they want. The business owner can control how often an ad is displayed or have all ads display evenly (most common). So for example, if they have 5 advertisers (5 ads) they will equally display. Each time a new question is loaded (page loads) a new ad could display. If the admin wants to give the advertiser access to the impressions, clicks, etc of their ads, they’re able to! The admin can give the user a login and password and they can see how their ads are performing.

This web build showcases our ability in creating custom development applications on top of WordPress. That’s right, we’ve built this on top of WordPress!

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