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Tom Sawyer Construction by Spark Logix Studios

Tom Sawyer Construction

Gas Station Repair and Roofing Experts.

Contruction Experts

SEO & improved designs for lead generation.

Respondo Pro

Tom Sawyer specializes in repairing damaged Gas Stations. Talk about a niche market! They were struggling finding good leads, and honing in on their target market without wasting money on keywords that were too general, and brought in the wrong kind of leads. Their website was outdated, and had barely any content, so a site refresh was in order.

Spark Logix Studios completed the initial site build, creating targeted content on the keywords Tom Sawyer Construction new would get them the most leads in the market they were going after. We then implemented an aggressive backlink strategy, to help them rank, and get new form submissions, and new business. By implementing a fantastic user experience, we were able to significantly impact the conversion rate for the site, getting Tom Sawyer more business!

If you’re looking to grow your market share through improved organic search rankings, Spark Logix Studios can definitely assist!

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