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Trust Reviews

Trust Reviews is a proven method for getting more honest, customer reviews. They automate the process of getting customers to leave reviews on Yelp and Google Places.


Simple, Clear Messaging

A complex process needs a simple explanation.  We helped.

Respondo Pro

Trust Reviews came up with a brilliant idea for an online tool to help small businesses, marketing firms, and agencies to help them promote their (or their client’s) businesses online. If you have a business that’s trying to market online and you’re not getting local reviews, you’re probably going to get beaten by your competition. It’s a competitive market online and honest reviews are one of the most important keys in local, online outreach. But who has time to send hundreds, potentially thousands of e-mails to their clients to get them to post a review? That’s where Trust Reviews comes in.

Their vision was simple in it’s concept, but complex in it’s execution. They wanted their clients to be able to simply upload a CSV file containing all of their clients information (name, e-mail address, link to the page where they want the review, etc.). Once this CSV file is uploaded into the custom tool, the system automatically sends periodic e-mails to their customers, not enough to be annoying, but enough to prompt them to post reviews on Yelp and Google Places. Once they post a review, their name is removed from the list, so they do not continue to get reminders. Once the tool was created, it was a simple matter of incorporating the billing into the powerful WooCommerce Platform we’ve built.

The build was a challenge, to get the custom tool built for the CSV import functionality was first created and tested to ensure that it communicated properly with the e-mail tool we built. We also created the e-mail templates, carefully written so as to not be spam. We also wanted to make sure that the website was clean, modern, and simple in it’s message, to match the simple, elegant solution that was created. All in all, we’re proud of the Trust Reviews build, and feel it turned out beautifully.

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