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Victory Corps

Victory Corps is a Direct Sales Supplier of Parade Float Supplies and Accessories Technologies



Custom Magento Development

With robust products and options, they needed unique functionality.

Respondo Pro

Victory Corps was a custom, responsive Magento build, with full eCommerce capabilities, and many additional custom features created by Spark Logix Studios using custom PHP, CSS, and HTML coding. The Victory Corps website accomodated well over 15,000 products, including a number of complex configurable products as well as simple products. This project presented several interesting and novel challenges to our development team.

The client wanted a design that reflected a Patriotic look and feel, as the time of year where they see the highest volume of sales is the 4th of July Parade season. Our designers went with a red, white and blue motif, while making the most use of white, to allow the product images and colors to really come through, and with judicious use of Red and Blue they were able to highlight the important concepts and factors on the website, without making the visual aspect overwhelming or gaudy.

The client had several unique functions they wanted with the Magento site, which are not a part of the core Magento functionality. First, they wanted a way for customers to be able to visually see the color options presented for each product. On their old website, users simply chose a color option from a dropdown that only displayed the color name in text. Spark Logix created a grid structure which displayed color swatches, or samples, for each product. This allows users to visually see a color sample of the product they are going to be purchasing, not just guess what “Olive Green” really means.

Second, Victory Corps had an extensive library of product photos. They wanted a way for customers to easily view a photo of a given product in a given color. So Spark Logix, using heavy custom PHP coding, created a link between the Color Swatch system we created, and the featured image gallery built into Magento, so when a user clicks on, or even just hovers their mouse over a particular color swatch, the corresponding product image appears on the product page, allowing the user to see the final product in the color of their choice while making their shopping decisions.

Third, given the extensive library of photos the client had, we created a second row of images on each product page, which also loads into the main Featured Image gallery. This new row of images features the product “In Use”, e.g. images from customers who have used Victory Corps products in Parades, or other party events, allowing users to better visualize the creative possibilities using the Victory Corps line of products.

Lastly, the client had several custom imprint products, and needed a simple way for users to upload their image files to their order. So we again, using custom PHP code, created a new functionality, tied to a custom option on the Magento Product Backend, which allowed them to select a custom imprint option. When selected, an artwork upload functionality appears on the front end of that given product, allowing users to upload many different file types (jpg, tiff, png, psd, etc.) They see a preview thumbnail of the file throughout the remainder of the shopping cart experience, and once the order is placed, the image is attached to the order, and sent to the Victory Corps order processing team, allowing them to easily create the custom imprint, and keep track of which custom imprint goes with which order. We additionally created pricing functionality tied to the custom imprint, so Victory Corps could set any additional price modification they wanted (including free) for a custom imprint product.

The Victory Corps website build turned out beautifully, and along with the client, we were able to find elegant custom built solutions to their specific wants and needs. We’re very proud of this build, so check it out and see what you think!

Custom Features

  • Dropdown color options which are tied to a visual grid of color swatches, allowing the customer to see a visual representation of the color choices available for a given product.
  • When a customer hovers their mouse over a color swatch, the Featured Product Image updates to a photo of the product in that particular color.
  • Added Custom Image gallery to the individual product pages, which appears as a second row of images, for photos of the product “in use” (e.g. images from parades to demonstrate their products in action).
  • Added a Custom Gallery Page, allowing for High Res images of their various products in action.
  • Custom PHP added to the Product Options, which allows users to upload an image file (jpg, png, psd, etc.) for custom imprint products.
  • Create custom pricing options for the Artwork Upload functionality, allowing Victory Corps to set any price they wish for the Custom Artwork Imprint (including free)
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