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Visual Workplace Inc. WordPress

Visual Workplace Inc.

Visual Workplace, Inc. provides 5S, Lean and Visual Management products that effectively help you implement a productive workplace.



eCommerce Made Easy

With numerous products, the site needed easy organization and control.

Respondo Pro

Visual Workplace Inc. was looking to move their existing eCommerce platform to a responsive WordPress system. We were contacted by their design agency, in the hopes that we could accomplish what they needed. There were a few particular challenges, unique to this build, but we were able to knock it out of the park using our amazing custom WordPress framework, Respondo!

The client had a very particular design in mind, one that they continued to update and change once the site build was completed. Thanks to our amazing framework, they are able to easily make these changes, manipulating their page as they see fit to speak to their client base.

The client also had a very large system of images and patterns that they wanted to keep on their existing system. Spark Logix Studios was able to embed that system within the new responsive framework, so the site can be browsed on any sized device.

All in all, we were happy to create a full, completely custom eCommerce solution for this clients needs. Another great build by Spark Logix Studios.

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