What is Pinterest?

You might not have heard of the new social media website Pinterest, but Time Magazine listed Pinterest as one of the 50 Best Websites of 2011.  So what is Pinterest, and what could it mean to you and your business?  Pinterest is a very streamlined, easy to use website where members collect and organize images which are discovered while browsing the web.

What a simple concept, yet underneath it’s simplicity is a concept that allows for a lot of fun to be had.   With Pinterest, you can pin an image to your pinboard using the very simple “Pin it” button.  This will save all the images which you come across on the web in a single place, which can then be shared with friends and family.  You can organize your photos onto different boards with different themes (family photos, funny photos, dog photos, etc.), which can allow you to discover new ideas, from recipes to travel destinations to home decorations.

Similar to Twitter, you can follow other Pinterest members, or even just a specific board they have.  You can contribute new pins (e.g. images) to someone else’s board, if they allow it, repin another person’s image to your own board, comment on pins, share your pins via facebook or Twitter, and invite others to follow you on Pinterest.

For every pin you place on your board, there is room for a description.  While some people are more likely to use short descriptions, like “want this” or “amazing”, you can also provide more complete descriptions of the pin, or why you are pining it to one of your boards, (like “this is exactly the hair cut I want” or “this would be perfect for my living room”).

Additionally, you can use the “Like” button on Pinterest, which is an incredibly cool and useful feature.  If you come across something you like, but not something you don’t necessarily want to repin on your own board, you simply can like it.  Your likes won’t show up in the news feed of anyone who follows you, but you can see a list of everything you have liked.  Oh, and did we mention Pinterest now has an iPhone app?

As you can see, Pinterest is a great new way to build a community around your interests, and share your interests with other like minded people.  In the coming days we’ll discuss exactly what kind of an impact Pinterest will have on you, and the future of your company.

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