Which is better for eCommerce, Magento or WordPress?
WordPress vs Magento

For years Spark Logix Studios tried to use WordPress eCommerce plugins but found much of what was available was terrible. We ran into issue after issue with eCommerce Plugins attempting to integrate seamlessly with WordPress, they just didn’t exist. So we looked for something better, more robust and trusted and after several attempts with mediocre solutions we found Magento.

Magento can do a lot. It’s powerful and nearly any concept you can devise for eCommerce most likely has a solution via an extension available for a Magento build. There are some considerations you need to take when deciding on whether or not to use Magento.

With Magento you will pay more.

Why? It’s harder to work on/with and there are not enough developers readily available to help if a situation arises (premium on development cost). Also, hosting can be very expensive.

Here’s another VERY IMPORTANT note on Magento, it’s a beast! There is a lot that goes into a good Magento build. Don’t expect solutions to come easily.

So what about WordPress today?

WordPress isn’t (by itself) an eCommerce solution. However, with the addition of WooCommerce (an open source plugin) it can be the perfect eCommerce solution. Like WordPress, WooCommerce has a large group of developers. What does that mean to you? Cheaper development costs and an ever growing feature and plugin/extension base. When using WordPress and WooCommerce you can rest assured that nearly every need you may have with your eCommerce website can be met by WordPress.

So which option is better, WordPress or Magento?

It will depend on your project specifics but we’ll give you our opinion (and we build both WordPress and Magento websites). We’ve found that WordPress is typically the best bet for nearly every eCommerce solution we come across. However, there are rare occasions when there is something very specific that requires Magento.

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