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Every Business Needs a Google+ Page

Have you been trying to ignore Google+ because it seemingly had nothing to offer your business? Well, as of a few months ago, that’s all changed. With 90 million users and the creation of the Google+ page, this social network might actually be the best place for your business. Not convinced? Here are three reasons why you should join yet another social site:

1. Increased Visibility

The launch of Google’s “Search Plus Your World” means any time one of your contacts makes a search you will automatically appear in their personalized search results. Of course, you will only show-up if you’ve posted, or added a +1, to any content related to what they are searching. But, logical thinking suggests if you keep an active page and comment on a variety of things, you will naturally earn more exposure among your followers.

Additionally, online users are often skeptical about what they find online and are more apt to get information from someone they trust – someone in their “circle.” Then, these people will share what they find with others (in their own circles), which effectively gives your brand more visibility. Not to mention, consumers are learning about your business in the best way possible – via friend-to-friend.

2. Google+ Pages are Listed in Natural Search Results Too

Not only will your Google+ page appear in people’s personalized search results, but it seems Google is giving preferential treatment to its users by listing their pages in relevant natural search results. Meaning, even if someone doesn’t have a Google profile, if he makes a query related to something on your page, you are more likely to show up in the suggested listings. The extent to which Google is swaying its rankings is not known, but it makes sense that they would want to keep things “in the family,” so to speak.

Additionally, along with your Google+ page, you are getting the world’s most powerful search engine backing your content. Unlike Facebook where a fabulous post may earn its “15 minutes of fame” and then is forgotten about, anything you post on Google+ can turn into a highly ranked search result, which appears indefinitely and available for anyone to find (Google member or not).

3. Can use Circles to Target Specific Groups

Although your page is directed at a specific audience, the group is not composed of entirely uniform people. There are smaller factions (or circles) that have slightly different interests and needs. With the circle tool, you can target these demographics more efficiently, with more relevant information, and generally form a more personal connection.

Also, having circles makes it easier to notice trends and to see where your message is succeeding and where it requires improvement. Besides having circles for consumers, you can also have circles for employees or coworkers. This serves as a great platform to share company information and to build a sense of community within your business.

As expected, most businesses aren’t excited about having to create another social site; it means more time and possibly more money if you have to hire someone else to handle the increased work. But (and this is a big but), there’s no denying the potential for growth and visibility that it offers your company. Not to mention, this is still an evolving network, so there’s no telling how Google may further integrate its users into search results. Basically, when you’re dealing with such a powerful online entity such as Google, the only remaining question is – do you want to be in or out?

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