Why Should I Advertise on Facebook? From Spark Logix Studios in MN
Why Should I Advertise on Facebook

Over 700 millions people log in every day. Over 5 millions shares every day (when something is shared from one person to many people). Almost 70% of all internet users in the US are on Facebook. Over 70% of those have incomes above $75,000. 75% of users have had some education in college. This data will help set the stage on making a decision to invest time and money into cultivating a Facebook presence.

Be in Front of People Looking For What You Offer?

If people know exactly what they are searching for you should focus your efforts on:

  • Optimizing your Website and Creating Phenomenal Content
  • Spending Money on Pay Per Click Advertising (like Adwords)

Reach Out to Those Not Looking for Exactly What you Offer?

Use Facebook

Facebook has opened a door to:

  • Reaching Out to New Customers
  • Building Relationships with Prospects
  • Gaining Trust
  • Showing the Human Side of the Business

If you have a business we highly recommend spending efforts in Website Optimization, Quality Content Creation, Pay Per Click Strategy and NOW… Facebook Management.

Figure Out Where to Spend Your Time

Breakdown the marketing concepts you want to work on. THEN… Figure in the percentages of how much time should be spent on each. For example: 50% on Website and Content – 25% on Adwords – 25% on Facebook. This is important, you need to gauge your efforts so you won’t lose track of where your priorities need to be. Facebook shouldn’t be the only strategy you have (it should be part of the marketing approach, not all of it).

Figure Out Where to Spend Your Time on Facebook

You’ll want to show creativity and sense of community. However, in the beginning you MUST BUILD YOUR AUDIENCE. And… unless you are well known in the community or have a great following online, you’ll need to spend money. In fact, even if you have a strong presence in the community and online, you’ll still want to spend money to grow your “likes”.

Facebook makes it easy to give them your money. The nice part about this is you will be able to capture REAL PEOPLE who have a genuine interest in what you are doing. Set up a plan and utilize one of Facebook’s methods on building your audience (there are multiple ways to do this and the best method depends on your business, message and content coming from your website).

Facebook Options for Advertising

  • Page Post Engagment
  • Page Likes
  • Clicks to Website
  • (and a few more that won’t always apply)

A Few Facebook Notes

  • Growing your audience is a priority.
  • You should spend money and employ a professional for best results.
  • Facebook is social, this means you can share content that’s not yours. Share valuable content. What works best? It should be HIGHLY “relate-able” “funny” “cute” “in season” “amazing” (any of these will work).
  • Even after you build a sizable audience you may still need to promote (pay for) your posts to be seen. Trick: see how it does without promoting the post if it does really well (likes, comments, shares) PROMOTE IT!
  • Your content SHOULD NOT revolve around trying to make sales. Making sales will come because of the value you provide, not because you pitch your product.
  • Want to Pitch your Product? Great, Pay for It (Clicks to Website Advertising)
  • Reach out and help promote others.
  • Be kind, fun and reply to comments (in moderation).
  • Keep with it.

You should advertise on Facebook to reach out to more people, build trust and grow your business. Without any hesitation at all, I strongly recommend devoting some time and money to Facebook, you will reap rewards. Neglecting Facebook as a business is a mistake. The earlier you accept Facebook as part of your marketing efforts the better off you’ll be.

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