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The WordPress content management system is one of the most easy to use platforms available. Not only is it easy to update content on a website without knowing much more than how to send an email but WordPress is also backed up by a virtual army of thousands of smart people. These smart people are the ones building widgets, plug-ins, fixing bugs, and helping users that are just getting started.

WordPress is free to use, it’s open-source software. If a business finds a competent designer/coder than the world of WordPress opens further than ever imaginable. For the price of a 15 year old townhouse you’ll get a brand new oceanfront penthouse. That’s WordPress; a magnificent tool for a small business or an organization wanting that “big business” feel and functionality.


How WordPress Can Help Your Business


Easy to Update Content and SEO

Without ever writing a lick of code and with almost no online mastership you’ll be a content-updating pro within no time. With WordPress you log-in to your dashboard and with minimal difference you basically create an email with title and description. You’ll add a few more steps along the way but within minutes you can create an SEO page or blog post on your website. Click to see a tutorial on how to create a new page in WordPress.


Fully Customizable Layout

A competent WordPress theme developer can take your concept and create an exact replica of what you have in mind and use the “easy to use” WordPress platform to create a Content Management System to fit your exact specification. WordPress isn’t just a blog platform. WordPress is a fully customizable CMS. Creating a custom WordPress layout isn’t easy unless you know what you’re doing but hiring someone who knows opens up a larger door than most suspect. With a custom WordPress development you can nearly create anything you can imagine. The sky is nearly the limit.

Here are a few examples of WordPress Custom Developed Themes for clients of Spark Logix Studios:

Larsen Films Homepage Built by Spark Logix StudiosLeslie Larson Photography Created by Spark Logix StudiosCongressman Chip Cravaack website created by Spark Logix Studio

As you can see it would be difficult to spot these websites as WordPress, they don’t look like blogs. That’s because WordPress is much more than “blog software”; WordPress is the leading CMS open-source software available.


Incredible and Ever-Expanding Features

Not only does WordPress make it easy to customize your website layout, update content, and feel like a web pro… it also has the power to create a social network, e-commerce store, affiliate hub and much more. Again, these features are backed by a large network of smart people developing ways to make life easier online. When you have a competent designer and developer you can create powerful online tools for your business at a fraction of the “big business CMS” cost.

WordPress allows integration of what is called BuddyPress. BuddyPress is a plug-in that allows you to build a social network atop your WordPress built website. As it is with WordPress, BuddyPress is an open source project. That means the code it’s built on is free. If you know the right stuff you can create a custom social network within your website. Or as mentioned previously find a competent BuddyPress developer and have them build you a custom social network… again this will be a fraction of the price of building one from scratch like the “big businesses” do.

WordPress is also a fantastic option for e-commerce. With many custom e-commerce plug-ins available customizing an online store is now possible and the best part? No monthly fees for e-commerce hosting!!! A competent and skilled developer can integrate your e-commerce store within your WordPress dashboard. And without much difference you’re able to update products with as much ease as creating a new blog post. If done right, everything integrates with your payment portal of choice such as authorize.net and paypal.

There are hundreds if not thousands of amazing features that can be plugged into WordPress making it even more dynamic. We’ll touch on one more. Creating an affiliate platform to help sell your products. WordPress allows a sweet little gem that can be built into your e-commerce platform. This little nugget can be configured to allow visitors to your site to have the option to create an affiliate account and advertise on their websites. When someone clicks-through and buys something from you your affiliate makes a commission. It’s automated and they can log-in on your website and see their commissions!

Hopefully now you can see why WordPress is the most popular CMS available. It’s free to use and perfect for customization. Any other choice available doesn’t match up when compared to the flexibility and creativity of WordPress. Take a look at a few WordPress websites built for larger companies.


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  1. A Few Big Names Using WordPress in 2011 with Examples | Spark Logix Studios

  2. Jason

    If people don’t know about WordPress, they don’t know what they are missing. It really does make website creation and management easy and fun.

    Pretty much the only limitation in its use is your own imagination!!

  3. why wordpress

    WordPress is the best if you are a noob. But if you are a noob you probably shouldnt create your own online business. eZ publish is in my opinion much more in debt and robust, and blows both joomla and wordpress out of the water.


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