WooCommerce Screenshots (Admin, Front-End, My Account)
WooCommerce Spark Logix Studios

What is WooCommerce? – A capable, enterprise ready eCommerce solution for WordPress. WooCommerce is expandable and powerful. There is no reason we can think of to use another eCommerce platform. If you can dream it up, let us create it using our vast WooCommerce experience.

WooCommerce Storefront

The front-end of any WooCommerce build by Spark Logix Studios (or one of our agency partners) can be modified to fit your exact design requests.


Fully responsive display on mobile devices. Simple and effective design.

Shop Page Frontend


Display the products in a clear and uninterrupted way.

Top Section of a Product Page Frontend


Add your coupon, special messages and make the buying process as easy as it can be.

View Cart Frontend

Bottom Section at Checkout

Many payment options and a one page checkout to increase conversions.

Bottom Section of Checkout Frontend

My Account (for Customers)

Force (or make it an option) for Customers to create an account. An account comes with several useful management tools for the Customer.

Account Details (Customer Account)

Account management and login control.

Account Details Customer

Order History (Customer Account)

Allow the Customer to see what they’ve purchased, see invoices and re-order.

Order History Customer

Payment Methods (Customer Account)

Allow Customers to manage their payment methods (this data is stored in this example, on Stripe). This is a great options for re-orders or subscription based products.

Payment Methods Customer

Email Confirmations

Email confirmations are sent to the Customer and Shop Manager (upon order).

Email Confirmation

This email confirmation is sent from whatever email account the Shop Manager wants. It can be customized to display the brand’s style as well.

Customer Emails

Order Management

As a Shop Owner, managing new orders is simple. Orders are compiled in a post format which is intuitive to any WordPress site Manager.

Order Details (Shop Owner)

Get a full visual on a Customer’s recent order and manage them easily.

Order Details Admin

Item Details for Order (Shop Owner)

See products purchased in a clean and easy to read format. Stock quantities are automatically adjusted.

Item Details for Order Admin

Order Notes (Shop Owner)

These notes are auto generated (purple), internal notes (purple) or external messages emailed to the Customer (blue).

Order Notes Admin

Create and Manage Products

Adding new products can be done via CSV or an XML. To manage products or add new products on a per product basis, the User Interface is easy to use with all the options you need to manage your product successfully.

Product Data (Shop Owner)

Each and every variation you need, they’re all right here and easy to use.

Product Data Admin

Product Categories (Shop Owner)

Manage where your products will display on the front end.

Product Categories Admin

Manage Descriptions (Shop Owner)

Get creative and use shortcodes and the visual editor to create any design elements you’d like to highlight information on the product’s page.

Manage Descriptions Admin

Creating and Managing Coupons

Create coupons on the fly, manage usage, amounts and many other options to increase sales on the website.

Add Coupons (Shop Owner)

Coupons can be added and removed quickly to allow flash sales via social media and other mediums.

Add Coupons Admin


See which products are your top sellers and view progress on a many aspects of your online store.

Reporting Management (Shop Owner)

Reporting Admin

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  1. Brit Myers

    This post actually helped me to better understand WooCommerce. I mentioned in another one of your posts I believe how I was new to it. I think there is a HUGE value in Woo for anyone willing to learn how to use it in a way it should be used. I feel like it is one of the better options on WordPress as well.


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