WordPress, Drupal & Joomla by the Numbers

This post simply showcases (with real numbers) the growth, interest and use of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla (three open source Content Management Systems).

Google Trends

This highlights the interest over time of those searching on Google. Why is this so interesting? It shows popularity without any bias or manipulation. It’s just what people search.

Google Trends: WordPress Drupal and Joomla

Plugins, Modules, Extensions

WordPress has plugins, Drupal has modules and Joomla has extensions. However, these terms can be loosely used simultaneously on all systems. For instance, you may have a WordPress plugin that has a secondary “extension” to the plugin to expand its ability. For these Content Management Systems however, they uniquely call the expansions for the core platform by different and unique names.

Knowing how many officially available expansions is another method to see the popularity of a CMS. (all numbers as of 29 May 2014)

WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

Drupal Modules

Drupal Modules

Joomla Extensions

Joomla Extensions

CMS Usage Statistics

(Top 10,000 Sites)

CMS Usage (top 10,000 sites)

(Top Million Sites)

CMS Usage (top million sites)

All Website Usage

How to read this: 62.9% of the websites use none of the CMS options. WordPress is used by 22.3% of all websites, that’s a content management system market share of 60.0%.

Usage of content management systems for websites

One More CMS Study

Gathered from over 121,455,241 websites, the following statistics will give you an understanding of the popularity of various CMS platforms:

CMS Usage

Available Contractors

If you end up needing help on fixing an issue or adding a feature or element you’ll want to know how big the community of developers is. For this we’ve used a very popular outsourcing website, oDesk. oDesk is one example of a site that connects you with developers throughout the world.

For this example we simply entered in “WordPress” “Drupal” and “Joomla” and these were our results (how many developers were seeking work and are claiming to know the platform).

WordPress Developers on oDesk
Drupal Developers on oDesk
Joomla Developers on oDesk

CMS Usage Overview

WordPress wins every category from growth, available plugins, usage and community. We (at Spark Logix Studios) chose to work with WordPress a long time ago; it was a bet that we came out as a winner on. As with all three CMS options there are a bunch of really great updates happening making the platforms easier to use and more secure. However, the community behind WordPress is unrivaled in sheer size and continued and foreseeable growth.


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