WordPress Pricing

An outline of different types of website designers and a look at our WordPress pricing.


WordPress Pricing Options

Because of the growth of WordPress over the last several years you have a lot of options, which is great. With all of these options comes a wide array of pricing. Let’s first understand your options.

Agency Pricing

Individual Freelancers

Individual freelancers offer the lowest pricing.

They will tend to use a theme they purchase (that someone else built) which can save you money up front. They understand enough to launch a website but they typically are unable to solve more complex issues that may arise. They also use more WP plugins to build the site than is actually needed (which can lead to big problems). If there is an issue and you’re working with one person, they may not be available to help right away.

If something doesn’t go as planned they could abandon you for “easier money”. Freelancers (after they land your account) will be forced to be looking for new work as they are attempting to work on your project and any other projects they have working while trying to maintain a pipeline.

If you’re in need of serious project planning and long term marketing strategy, this is the right move. A large agency will have a whole team that can assist you in all the facets of your online and offline strategy. You’ll work with a sales person who after the sale is made will hand the project over to a team. This at times can be very frustrating.

Many agencies prefer not to do WordPress work as it’s typically a smaller money maker in comparison to building apps and creating long term marketing plans where you pay monthly. In fact, Spark Logix Studios is a trusted agency partner for WordPress work, agencies like to send their work to us as it’s more cost effective with faster turn times.

Agency Pricing

Large Media Agencies

Large Agencies are the highest cost option.

WordPress Shop Pricing

Dedicated WordPress Shops

Expect very transparent pricing.

A dedicated WordPress shop will focus on one thing, WordPress.  A WordPress shop should be able to build a website quickly and provide ongoing support. You’ll typically work directly with a Project Manager from the very start, this is a person who knows the ins and outs of your needs. This person will communicate quickly with you and be the one who pushes the developer and designer along.

You should expect lifetime updates and improvements on your website. You should expect a superior web build overall. A WordPress shop should have a team sufficient to always be on call, guarantee fast turn times on request, and be able to solve WP requests and issues in a fraction of the time of other options.

Our WordPress Pricing

What you get with Spark Logix Studios (A dedicated WordPress Shop)

Our Standard Offer

  1. Fast turnaround times.
  2. Your exact design requests accomplished.
  3. Total functionality on all device screen sizes.
  4. Lifetime available updates (new features & core updates).
  5. Easy to manage future changes (future-proof build).
  6. Nearly infinite design options (for you even after the build).
  7. Fast & friendly communication.
  8. Stay on budget and no project creep.

Our Standard Pricing

The progressive website build includes a full design overview with Rob Benson, the Founder and Creative Director. We listen to your needs, offer our experience and advice and together come up with the design plan. The full site build and launch of the website and all facets included is outlined on the Progressive Website Build page.


Cost: $3,600

WP Assistance Pricing

We don’t offer dishonest monthly plans where you get billed even though you’re not receiving any services. We don’t give you a quote and then bill you more.

How we bill for ongoing work requests

Prepaid Time – To accomplish eCommerce, more pages, custom functionality, additional plugins and all other possible requests, we provide a quote and we never exceed the quote (unless you request new items or changes).

The most cost effective method in managing all requests and avoiding monthly costs that usually only benefit the Developer, we offer discounted prepaid packages. This is the most transparent process available in web development. Get an accounting of the hours used. You’ll bank on our vast WordPress experience and know that we fix and build faster than nearly anyone. Your time goes a long way.

These hours can be used for training requests, new functionality requests, additional rounds of design feedback, or any other development, design or management needs that are not outlined in an agreement, at your discretion. These hours do not expire.

These pre paid packages can be purchased in the amount of 10, 20 or 50 hours (depending on the need). A 50 hour package will have a discounted, pre paid hourly rate in the amount of $90 per hour for a total cost of $4,500. The 20 hour package has a discounted rate in the amount of $100 per hour for a total cost of $2,000. And finally, the 10 hour package has a rate of $120 per hour for a total cost of $1,200.

Spark Logix Studios will update you on work as it’s requested. You will receive periodic updates as to how much time was spent in communication, development and delivery of requests and needs.

We’ve been told our transparent billing method is a “most preferred way of doing business”. This is because it enables you to have full control. You always get an accounting of exactly what has been accomplished and how long it took. We also NEVER go over on a quote. If the work ends up taking longer than we quoted, we do the work anyway (and don’t bill you for the extra time).

We can sit down and plan the project right away.