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Custom WordPress

We design and build WordPress websites.

We build custom WordPress websites nationally and are also happy to meet face to face in Minneapolis, MN. Feel confident working with Spark Logix Studios, just like many larger agencies do. We’re a trusted WordPress partner for many businesses, for good reason.

Get the best option with the lowest price tag. Let us work direct with your organization and help you save money.

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Custom WordPress
Website Design Minnesota & Colorado

Trusted, Expert WordPress Design

We’ve been in the business of helping business since 2009. Here are a few of our Clients:


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Our Process

  1. Get to Know You and Your Business
  2. Offer Suggestions and Give Planning Advice
  3. Have a Clear Vision and Create a Statement of Work
  4. Work Closely With You Using Basecamp for Project Communication
  5. Design and Develop All Needed Tasks and Assignments
  6. Make You 100% Satisfied

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Lifetime Updates

With every website we build, we continually update the base it’s built on. This means that new features and all security updates are yours, for life.

Infinitely Expandable

It’s in the way we build. Each and every site is built with a multitude of options to ensure you can adjust your website however you see fit, anytime you want.

Transparent Pricing

We’ll clearly outline item by item what to expect. With the itemized accounting, you’re in control of your money. No more gray areas and frustration.

National WordPress Development

While we work with Clients nationally, our physical location is in Minneapolis, MN.

Custom WordPress
Minneapolis WordPress

Minneapolis, Minnesota

333 N Washington Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55401
(612) 200-0332

We’ve worked with many agencies in Minneapolis to develop their WordPress websites. We’re capable of just about anything and we would gladly sit down with you at your location or ours in Minneapolis (we’re located off of Washington Ave).

We would love to show you how we develop using great UX experience. If you can dream it, we can build it. Take advantage of our deep development skill set. We’re happy to assist in creating even the smallest WordPress website builds.

+ National Clients

Regardless of where you’re located, we can help you. If you’re in Minnesota or Colorado, we can meet face to face.

Wherever your business is, our communication process is second to none, we don’t have communication gaps.


Wherever you are, let’s connect!

Minneapolis WordPress Developer

The Right Website Developer

There are many choices you need to consider when picking the right WordPress Design shop. You’ll want to select a business that’s capable of being on call when you need them. You’ll want to rely on their proven design experience. The right User Experience is something that will payoff for years to come, so make sure you get it right the first time.

Custom WordPress

Incredible WordPress Developers

If you’re thinking WordPress can’t handle your project, we’d like to show you that it can. We’re the site developers with the confidence to get your project perfect. We’ve created many websites that were developed using this platform. WordPress is capable of amazing, advanced functions and we’ll be happy to show you examples to illustrate its power. We’re the right choice for your web development company. Trust a local developer / designer to get it right.

Fredrickson Learning Minneapolis WordPress

WooCommerce eCommerce Websites

Our WooCommerce experience is deep. There are good WordPress plugins and bad ones, selecting the right ones can save time and money. We have the eCommerce experience necessary to know what to use and what to avoid. We can also custom build any function or element needed for your exact requirements. If you’ve worked with developers in the past that couldn’t figure it out, we can. Life is better with answers.

WordPress eCommerce

School Websites

If you’re a school district or independent school, we can help build the new website (and keep you under budget). In fact, when we build websites for schools, we even offer ongoing assistance to ensure the website gets updated with fresh content (to keep it interesting for parents and students). We don’t only build WordPress Business websites, we’re a proud partner to several schools and school districts in the United States.

WordPress School Websites

You: In Control

If you want us to carry out your specific tasks, we’re happy to. We don’t have to design every element without input. We love when our Clients let us know exactly what they want. We provide feedback and together we get it perfect. We do not use purchased themes or templates for your site, each site is built 100% Custom for every Client. If you’ve been looking for a WordPress partner that’s a good listener (with loads of development and design talent) you’re in the right place. Contact us to learn more.

Bacon Scouts eCommerce Website


We concentrate all of our eCommerce efforts on one option: WooCommerce (for WordPress). Anything you need your eCommerce platform to do, it can be done with Spark Logix Studios.

We have years of WooCommerce experience. Let us show you money saving options that’ll help boost your online sales and allow you to more easily manage your orders.

Our unparalleled expertise is perfectly showcased in our WooCommerce capabilities.

On Call Service

24/7 Available Assistance

We are on call for you even after the website is completed and launched. We pride ourselves on being accessible to ensure you understand how to use the website and be on call to accomplish any tasks given to us. We’re ready when you need us Programmers.

We’re happy to provide you with extra training on how to use your website, best practices for SEO, we can create custom how-to videos and much more.

The sites we build come with guarantees, we’re there for you to make sure you’re perfectly satisfied with your website.

Stress Free WordPress

Each WordPress site online today has a base theme, it’s how WordPress works. Don’t get stuck with an off the shelf option that wasn’t created by the company you hire to build your website. Don’t put your trust in just any web design themes, far too much can go wrong. We collaborate with you to get your design just right, we create exactly what you’re looking for, custom built, no exceptions. We’re the builders, we’re the designers and we’re the ones who give you lifetime updates on all of our future upgrades and updates.

We pride ourselves on our communication capacity, we believe we’re second to none. And our pricing? Our pricing can’t be beat by any competent web development firm.

WordPress Design

Full Custom Design

We offer custom WordPress web design, development, assistance and training. Lifetime updates, fast turn-arounds and great pricing.

WordPress Pricing Options

Because of the growth of WordPress over the last several years you have a lot of options when choosing your Website Development Partner, which is great. With all of these options comes a wide array of pricing. Let’s first understand your options.

Agency Pricing

Individual Freelancers

Individual freelancers offer the lowest pricing.

They will tend to use a theme they purchase (that someone else built) which can save you money up front. They understand enough to launch a website but they typically are unable to solve more complex issues that may arise, and are unable to handle integrations or custom work. They also use more WordPress plugins to build the site than is actually needed (which can lead to big problems down the road). If there is an issue and you’re working with one person, they may not be available to help right away.

If something doesn’t go as planned they could abandon you for “easier money”. Freelancers (after they land your account) will be forced to be looking for new work as they are attempting to work on your project and any other projects they have working while trying to maintain a pipeline.

If you’re in need of serious project planning and long term marketing strategy, this is the right move. A large agency will have a whole team that can assist you in all the facets of your online and offline strategy. You’ll work with a sales person who, after the sale is made, will hand the project over to a team. This at times can be very frustrating.

Many Agencies will push technologies that are more expensive, and are not what you need. Some prefer not to do WordPress work as it’s typically a smaller money maker in comparison to building apps and creating long term marketing plans where you pay a large monthly fee. And, in instances where they do prefer WordPress Development, Spark Logix Studios is a trusted agency partner for WordPress work. Several large agencies like to send their work to us as it’s more cost effective with faster turn times.

Agency Pricing

Large Media Agencies

Large Agencies are the highest cost option.

WordPress Shop Pricing

Dedicated WordPress Shops

Expect very transparent pricing.

A dedicated WordPress shop will focus on one platform, WordPress. A WordPress shop should be able to build a website quickly and provide ongoing support. You’ll typically work directly with a Project Manager from the very start, this is a person who knows the ins and outs of your needs. This person will communicate quickly with you and be the one who pushes the developer and designer along to ensure everything is completed to the Client’s standards, within the agreed to timeframe.

You should expect lifetime updates and improvements on your website. You should expect a superior web build overall. A WordPress shop should have a team sufficient to always be on call, guarantee fast turn times on request, and be able to solve WordPress requests and issues in a fraction of the time of the other options.

Our WordPress Pricing

What you get when you choose Spark Logix Studios (A dedicated WordPress Shop)

Our Standard Offer

  1. Fast turnaround times.
  2. Your exact design requests accomplished.
  3. Total functionality on all device screen sizes.
  4. Lifetime available updates (new features & core updates).
  5. Easy to manage future changes (future-proof build).
  6. Nearly infinite design options (for you even after the build).
  7. Fast & friendly communication.
  8. Stay on budget and no project creep.

Our Standard Pricing

The progressive website build includes a full design overview with our team of experts. We listen to your needs, offer our experience and advice and together come up with the design plan. Each and every build we do is billed hourly. Our Statement of Work is broken down into the specific design and functionality needs, and each item has an hour cost associated with it. If the cost is too high, we can always find ways to shave hours out of the build.

Cost: $110 per hour

WordPress Assistance Pricing

We don’t offer dishonest monthly plans where you get billed even though you’re not receiving any services, and we’re not doing any work. We don’t give you a quote and then bill you more.

How we bill for ongoing work requests

Prepaid Time – To complete any tasks related to eCommerce support, additional pages, custom functionality, additional plugins and all other possible requests, we provide a quote and we never exceed the quote (unless you request new items or changes).

The most cost effective method in managing all requests and avoiding monthly costs that usually only benefit the Developer, is through purchasing discounted prepaid packages. This is the most transparent process available in website development. Think of it like an Attorney’s Retainer. You will receive an accounting of the hours used each Friday. You’ll bank on our vast experience and know that we fix and build faster than nearly anyone. Your time goes a long way.

These hours can be used for training requests, new functionality requests, additional rounds of design feedback, or any other development, design or management needs that are not outlined in an agreement, at your discretion. These hours do not expire.

These pre paid packages can be purchased in the amount of 10, 20 or 50 hours (depending on the need). A 50 hour package will have a discounted, pre paid hourly rate in the amount of $110 per hour for a total cost of $5,500. The 20 hour package has a discounted rate in the amount of $130 per hour for a total cost of $2,600. And finally, the 10 hour package has a rate of $140 per hour for a total cost of $1,400. Pay as you go pricing is $160 per hour.

Spark Logix Studios will update you on work as it’s requested. You will receive periodic updates as to how much time was spent in communication, development and delivery of requests and needs.

A Few Web Design Examples

Standard WordPress Build (what you get)

Page Designs – All pages custom designed and built. Your exact page requirements may differ.

Revisions – Included: 1 design revision (for each page). If something isn’t just right we’ll adapt the design to fit your specifications.

Blog – Choice of standard blog layout or Post Format layout. All colors configured to match the design and integrity of the website.

Contact Forms – Any number of Contact Forms, including conditional logic + Email notifications established & tested (email notification to Business Owner + an email sent to the person filling out the form to serve as a notification that the message has been sent and may include any special message requested).

Search Engine Optimization – While your site will be built perfectly for search engines we’ll also set up your Webmaster Tools, Sitemap & the Title’s, Meta Descriptions + Featured Images (and social content) – Everything will be perfectly ready for Google and all the social shares you’ll get.

Google Analytics – Ability to view all analytical site data including (visitors, search terms used to view your site in search engines, browser usage and statistics, and much more).

Responsive Web Design – Your website will adapt and display designed elements differently but specifically for mobile and desktop environments.

WordPress Development – Most recent version of the most popular Content Management System on the internet.

Admin Dashboard and User Settings – You will have the ability to log in to the website and modify pages & layouts. You will have an Admin account and have full ownership and ability to manage the site as you wish.

Lifetime Available Updates – We are continuously updating the WordPress Framework we have built with improvements, additions and compatibility upgrades. These updates are available to you at no cost (the updates can be implemented by anyone, our team is available to assist with this process via prepaid time if the Client desires). Rest easy knowing that your new website is future-proof.